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10 Awesome Lists of Cheap and Unique Online Stores

10 Awesome Lists of Cheap and Unique Online Stores

10 Awesome Lists of Cheap and Unique Online Stores

We all hate going into a store that’s having a 50% off everything sale, but then they hike up the prices so high that whatever you’re getting just isn’t worth it. And a lot of us get tired of seeing the same weird trends, that we need something new and fun.

But that’s why online stores are great; you find awesome prices and items you would have never found in the mall. And that’s why I accumulated an awesome list of stores you can look through and choose from. I really do love finding the best information out there for my readers and helping them out. There are so many sites that accumulate a list of unhelpful tips and hacks that I made sure to get you the best information.

So if you’re looking for a deal or something unique, then check out these awesome lists of great sites below.

Buzzfeed found an awesome list of online stores that (as the titles says), you’ve never heard of. And it’s true, I haven’t, and they’re all fun to look at. Now while some them don’t really float my boat (no matter how much their name makes me smile or the colors catch my eye), there are some awesome stores to choose from. Stores like..

MAKE Beauty which specializes in ethical (no animal testing), unique, and paraben-free (a preservative that’s just not good for you) makeup. And if you’re into that kind of friendly makeup that’s returnable for a full refund or exchange, then check it out!

Passive Juice Motel has some fun pop-culture inspired tees. So whether you’re an 80’s,90’s, or 00’s kid, (or you just like pop-culture references in general), then you’ll find something that’ll make you smile or have others noticing your shirt (because you know it’ll happen).

There are a few more clothings sites, but they also show accessory, home decor, and gift shops like Blue Q, Best Made Company, Sarah + Abraham, Huset, and Erica Weiner. So check out the rest here!

Society 19 gives us plenty of awesome online stores when we’re in the shopping mood, but the smell of cheap food court pretzels and annoying customer service just aren’t calling us. Sites like Colors of Aurora, OASAP (a personal favorite), and Lookbook Store are just a few examples. They have unique, trending, and cute looks for affordable prices.

Check out the rest of Society 19’s affordable clothing sites here!

So I created this list due to getting frustrated with being given “cheap and cute” clothing sites that were far from cheap. I’m on a budget like a lot of you out there (or sometimes I just like a good deal), so I compiled a list of awesome sites that I’ve shopped at before and have gotten really cute clothes for a great price. Sites like Sammy Dress and Rose Wholesale are just a few of my favorites.

Check out more sites to get cheap and cute clothes here!

Now I’m excited about this list! If you’re into vintage-inspired dresses, cute and unique accessories, charming outfits, and boho styles, then check it out! Including stores like…

River Island which was already popular in the UK,but is getting more known in the US as well.

Pree Brulée is an amazingly cute and affordable jewelry shop that will endear you and charm you with their beautiful and cute styles.

Ruche is a great place to go if you’re feeling the vintage look. So whether you’re going to a 1950’s themed party or you’re going on a cute date with your man, definitely check out this clothing shop!

Check out more of Her Campus’ clothing sites here!

Now this list may seem a bit extensive, but don’t worry, they give brief descriptions of each store so you’re not scrolling.. for a while. With Australian stores like Cameo or minimalist stores such as Modern Citizen, you’ll have great options to choose from.

Read more of Style Caster’s awesome clothing site options here!

So yes, I do know some of these stores, but I didn’t know they had a student discount (as the title says). So check out stores like Forever 21 and American Eagle, or lesser known online stores like Nasty Gal and get your student discount!

Check out the rest of these awesome stores here!

Apparently stores like Old Navy, Charlotte Russe, and Boohoo have workout clothes that are a great price. So whether you just made your New Year’s resolution or you’re gearing up for summer, stores like Shop Priceless and Aerie are some great places to start.

Check out more affordable sites for workout clothes here!

Now if you’re having trouble finding cute clothes in the plus section, then these are some great sites to check out!

Fashion to Figure has some great options when it comes to dresses and tops. And you’ll find some great pieces with colors that pop!

Missguided+ has affordable prices and fashion brought straight from Britain. So if you’re looking for fun and stylish, then definitely check out this site!

Take a look at the rest of Her Campus’ awesome plus size options here!

Cheap accessories are easy to come by. Quality? Not so much. But Society 19 was able to pull together a list of awesome sites that sell budget friendly cute accessories. So check out some of their options like Charming Charlie, Lulu’s, Missguided, Boohoo, and JustFab!

Take a look at the rest of their great sites for cheap accessories here!

For more of you girls that need some cute clothes for when fall comes around (or if you just need a wardrobe upgrade), check out some of these affordable online stores like Tobi, GoJane, or Necessary Clothing!

Read the rest of Society 19’s awesome clothing site options here!

Now if you’re in need of some makeup and don’t want to spend $15 on foundation at the drugstore, then Mego On The Go has some great finds. Now they may not be individual stores, but they are great options for specific makeup products that you can buy on certain stores. Products like Pond’s BB Cream, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, and Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner which can be as low as $4.99. Now that’s a deal.

Check out more of her cheap options for makeup here!

Now whether you’re looking for some awesome clothing deals or you want to update your look with some great accessories, there are plenty of online shops to choose from. Now you may not always have the money to go to Banana Republic or Urban Outfitters, but you can still get some great styles for a great price. And the best part? Nobody knows.

Now if you have any awesome sites for cute clothes, accessories, and makeup, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!

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