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25 Must-Try LEGO Activities

25 Must-Try LEGO Activities

25 Must-Try LEGO Activities

Activities for ages 3 to 8.

Little engineers will love these 25 LEGO activities. They’re hands-on, motivating ways to practice math, literacy, engineering… even science! So grab your bucket of bricks and get ready for some serious LEGO learning fun.

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Getting Ready

Before jumping in to the LEGO activities (below), the kids grabbed our growing collection of bricks. Although we have a variety of sets, we always seem to pull out DUPLOs most often. They’re not too big for Big Brother (age 6.5) to complain that they’re for babies and not too small for Little Sister (age 3) to swallow them. They’re a win-win!

LEGO Activities

Introduce kids to addition with these awesome LEGO addition cards.

Make a batch of clever picture puzzles. // I Can Teach My Child

Work on counting, number recognition, addition and subtraction with this colorful LEGO Math Mat.

Stretch kids’ problem solving with a batch of LEGO challenge cards! // The STEM Laboratory

Practice adding and reading color words with these free LEGO Addition Cards. // The STEM Laboratory

Memorize those tricky teens as you Race to Twenty.

Make a fizzing, foaming, erupting volcano. // The STEM Laboratory

Build a LEGO balance that really works! // Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Strengthen vocabulary with a fun round of Where’s LEGO Man?

Build a LEGO camping lantern that actually lights up. // LalyMom

Read, build and write sight words. // This Reading Mama

Measure tables, chairs, shoes… everything!

Whip up a sensory bin for future builders. // Toddler Approved

Work on fractions. // JDaniel4s Mom

Practice number recognition and counting with LEGO towers. // All Our Days

Learn about magnetism with a homemade maze. // Science-Sparks

Study the famous artist Piet Mondrian with some free art printables. // Mama Miss

Piece together some colorful LEGO names.

Design a symmetrical butterfly. // Fun at Home with Kids

Build the numbers 0 to 9. // One Beautiful Home

Practice patterns!

Enjoy a fun afternoon of science with a LEGO ice excavation. // Lemon Lime Adventures

Place the days of the week in order. // 1 Plus 1 Plus 1 Equals 1

Build a LEGO zipline. // Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Work on greater than and less than. // One Perfect Day

And create a batch of uppercase letters. {There’s a lowercase set too!} // Wildflower Ramblings

That’s 25 awesome, must-try LEGO activities in all.

More LEGO Fun

Add some motivating STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to your next LEGO play session with our LEGO Challenge Cards!

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