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7 Must-Try Zoku Pops Recipes

7 Must-Try Zoku Pops Recipes

7 Must-Try Zoku Pops Recipes

Store-bought popsicles … They’re expensive and high in sugar-content. They also have ingredients we cannot pronounce and do not want to feed our kids. Ditch them this summer!

Below are seven must-try natural popsicle recipes for YOU and your family to try out this year instead.

I admit, despite wanting to make homemade popsicles, ours always seemed to fall short. The scientist in me needed to know why.

It turns out, the critical factor is T I M E. The main difference between a store bought popsicle and what we make at home is the SIZE of the crystals in the frozen product. The faster something freezes, the smaller the crystals are. The smaller the crystals, the finer the texture. It’s simply not possible to get that texture with a tradtional mold at home!

Enter Zoku. Have you heard of this amazing little piece of kitchen technology? It makes popsicles in 7-minutes flat, no electricity required (remember, faster freezing means better texture!).

Are you new to Zoku? Be sure to read these tips before you get started!

Let’s get started…

7 Must-Try Zoku Pops Recipes

You really can turn any liquid into a popsicle with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker – it’s an endless world of possibilities. Here are some of my favorite recipes and resources!

1. Blood Orange Coconut Pops

I made this recipe for the first time for this post and I have got to tell you: to quote Guy Fieri, these are OFF THE HOOK. I do believe they are my favorite popsicle EVER. A must make! See full recipe on Fork Knife Swoon.

2. Strawberry Orange Pops

Just blend fresh or frozen strawberries and orange juice!

3. Ginger Peach Tea Pops

Steep ginger peach tea with slices of fresh ginger, add some simple syrup, then blend frozen peach slices in! Check out this recipe from Will Cook for Smiles.

4. Blueberry Yogurt Stripes

Alternate layers of blueberries blended with water or simple syrup and vanilla yogurt – check out this red, white, and blueberry patriotic recipe.

Blend limeade and watermelon! So yum! Visit Savory Lotus for a version of the recipe.

6. Orange Creamsicles

Store bought versions of this classic treat have over thirty ingredients, this Zoku Pops version from Simple Healthy Kids has FOUR. Check out this must-try recipe.

7. Lemon Ricotta

I couldn’t find a recipe for these so I decided to create my own and they were incredible.

Be sure to read these tips before you get started!

Additional Notes and Resources:

Use any of Yummly’s Make-Ahead overnight Smoothies as the popsicle base! I love them.

Add in spinach or kale or other veggies to boost the health benefits of your Zoku pops recipes.

Check out this post for 7 Tips for Perfect Zoku Pops.

Be sure to follow my Frozen Good Eats Pinterest Board for tons of ongoing Zoku pops recipes and ideas!

PS: The Zoku Pop makers come in Single, Double, or Triple models (learn more here), meaning you can make one, two, or three Zoku pops at once. You can use almost any liquid to create a popsicle. Enjoy experimenting!

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