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Beef Tacos with Mango Salsa

Beef Tacos with Mango Salsa

Beef Tacos with Mango Salsa

This has turned our family forever away from the packet of taco seasonings!

Shana, thank you for sharing such a nice review, I’m glad your family loves it

Made these first time for a home party, such a keeper recipe! Made no changes to it, it is impressively!

I’m so happy you loved it! Thank you for the wonderful review!

Hello Natasha! Your tacos are very delicious. I also did tacos and one thing that made a difference was adding Hoisson sauce to ground beef. I have it on my website

Hello Natasha,

I am planning a small family dinner for my husband’s birthday and want to serve these tacos. Is this something I can do in advance and serve the following day?

I work on the day of the dinner, but I have free time the day before to prep. What part of this recipe is safe to prepare the day before? And what should be prepared on the day of the dinner?

I’m excited to try it. Reply

Hi Nadia, you could pre-cook the beef and then just warm it up on the skillet before serving. Also, it’s ok to pre-slice the lettuce and pre-make the mango salsa and keep everything covered and refrigerated overnight. Keep as much air out of the salsa as possible to prevent the avocado from changing color. I hope you all love it!

Yummy!! Thank you for this super easy dinner idea! I love me some mangoes! This was so simple, but so satisfying! Yer website is still my go-to. Everyone around me knows where my recipes come from by now haha.

That’s so nice and I’m happy to hear you are enjoying my blog Thank you so much for your awesome review! Reply

Oh it’s just as good on beef as it is on fish. I hope you give it a try! I agree it’s made to combine with savory food and it makes everything taste so exotic

Hello Natasha,

Can you please post recipe(s) for Brussels sprouts?

I enjoy your videos.

By the way, I made pulled pork and your Creamy Coconut Coleslaw and oh it is yummy!!

Thank you!! Reply

Mmm you’re making me hungry!! I’ll add Brussels sprouts to my very long list

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing this with us. I don’t eat beef so will replace this chicken.

I hope you love it! I think chicken, turkey or pork would all be good options

Make a taco party! These beef tacos draw a crowd. They are family friendly and this recipe is definitely family/party sized (I’m afraid to admit between my parents, my husband and I, we may have downed 20 tacos) :-O. Yes they were THAT GOOD! You can easily cut all of the ingredients in half to feed a smaller crowd and it will cook in half the time. These simple and fun to serve making them perfect for summer entertaining. Everyone builds their own taco which makes for great conversation.

I got the inspiration for these from a beef tostadas recipe in a recent issue of Food Network Magazine (our favorite food-related mag because it’s practical and not overly frou-frou). This recipe is really easy to whip up. You’ll make these again and again (we’re completely hooked!). This recipe is a winner!

Ingredients for Beef Tacos

2 lbs ground beef chuck (10% to 20% fat)

2 (10 oz) cans Rotel Tomatoes with Green Chilis with their juice

1 tsp chili powder, plus more for serving

1 tsp kosher salt, or to taste

To Serve Beef Tacos:

20-22 small yellow corn tortillas

1/2 medium iceberg lettuce, shredded

2/3 cup sour cream, for topping

2 limes cut into wedges for serving

Cilantro sprigs, to serve

1 Recipe for Mango Avocado Salsa, to serve

How to Make Beef Tacos:

1. Make mango avocado salsa and refrigerate until ready to serve. Click here for recipe.

2. Heat a large non-stick skillet over med-high heat. Add 2 lbs ground beef and cook, stirring occasionally until cooked through (5 minutes). Use a spoon to skim off and discard most of the excess fat, leaving about 2-3 Tbsp in the pan.

3. Add 2 cans of tomatoes, 1 tsp chili powder and 1 tsp salt. Continue to cook until beef is fully cooked and sauce slightly reduced and most of the tomato liquid has evaporated (7 to 10 minutes).

4. Before serving, on a dry large non-stick pan over medium/high heat, toast both sides of tortillas just until hot and barely starting to turn golden (15-30 seconds per side). Remove to a plate and cover loosely with foil to keep warm.

Notes: We toast tortillas in batches as we make the tacos to ensure they are warm when serving. Don’t overheat tortillas or they will become dry.

5. To serve, place a heaping spoonful of beef over each tortilla, top with lettuce, mango salsa, sprigs of cilantro, sour cream and a sprinkle of chili powder if desired. Squeeze fresh lime juice just before eating.

These beef tacos are so fresh, hearty and satisfying. It’s the perfect summer party food.

Here’s the Print Friendly Beef Tacos Recipe:

Original article and pictures take http://natashaskitchen.com/2016/06/16/beef-tacos-mango-salsa/ site

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