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Blackberry Bacon Grilled Cheese

Blackberry Bacon Grilled Cheese

Blackberry Bacon Grilled Cheese

Oh my! I could have this for lunch everyday!!

I totally feel you, except opposite. With two boys, everyone thinks I want a girl. Nope – I am done and happy! And I’d be happy with this grilled cheese. I’ve made a blackberry and ham grilled cheese, but I love the saltiness of the bacon and the little bit of spice you added!

WOW those sammies look amazing! I love sweet and savory together

Absolutely adore all the flavors going on here. Fruit in a grilled cheese sandwich is essential!

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day to you! These sandwiches look like the perfect way to celebrate – yum!

Sweet, salty, spicy, melty….aaaahhhh, this looks AMAZING!

OMG!! You WIN National Grilled Cheese DAY! That looks so daaaaang good!

I adore sweet and savory together. This sounds amazing. Pinned and sharing!

Sweet and savory is my favorite flavor combo – Ican’t wait for black berry season to hit!

I love the jalapeno with the jam and cheese, what a grand plan!

This sandwich encompasses everything I love, savory, sweet and hot? Yes this is one amazing sandwich my friend! You’ve got me craving it at 6am! For the record, one of my dear friends side and misery when she found out that my second would be ANOTHER girl (she has 2 boys/1 girl). She snapped my happiness right from under me and told me that I needed a “nuclear family”. Over the years, Ive teased her about it but isn’t it funny how everyone has an opinion? You’re right though, our family, like yours, is exactly how it should be!

This is one dreamy grilled cheese!

PS: YES – we have a boy and girl and everyone tells me we should be done since we have one of each. Okay?

I need this in my life!!! And I’m not gonna share that to anyone! YUMMM!!

Oh, my gosh. Seriously amazing grilled cheese!

I love blackberries!

I agaree, this is exactly how a sandwich should look! I love the salty, sweet, cheesy, spicy combo; you just cannot go wrong with this!

My divorce isn’t even final yet and people are already saying, “Maybe when you get remarried, you’ll have a girl!!” It is the strangest thing to me.

This grilled cheese looks fabulous though! I love berries and Swiss together!

I am so excited about this sandwich! It’s super close to one of my favorite dishes at my favorite restaurants. Yay!

I plan WAY to much in life! I need to learn to relax and roll with the punches a little bit more like you! Although I’m all for you telling me to eat this grilled cheese! What a fantastic combo!

I hate to admit that I’m a planner to a fault! However, when it came to having kids, I was happy with boys or girls ……. and lemme tell you, after having 4 boys, I can’t tell you how many times we were asked if we were trying for a girl!! My mom is one of seven sisters – no brothers – and I can only imagine the stuff my grandparents heard!!

I am totally loving this grilled cheese combo – I love all of those flavors and I think they would be a flavor explosion together!!

This is one amazing sandwich! Love all that gooey cheese!

I love grilled cheese and this looks incredible!!

This looks amazing friend. I love it. The cheese is making me hungry. Can’t wait to try this.

This is the most mouth-watering grilled cheese I’ve seen! I love the addition of the bacon and blackberry jam, and then those jalapenos — yum!

I think as I have gotten older I have become less of a planner in that aspect. I realize that it doesn’t matter what you plan, life is going to happen and there are things beyond our control! Luckily we can control our food and let me tell you adding fruit to grilled cheese is amazing!! Love the blackberries in this!

Wow, this sandwich is amazing! All of the flavors go incredibly well together. I will definitely be making it again!

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I am all about a good grilled cheese sammach! Never thought about putting jam on it though.. I think this will be a good wknd brunch kinda meal. Do you think provolone would work just as well as swiss?

I’m trying to figure out where in the hell you fit it in to drop your mommy bragging on a post for a grilled cheese recipe? Literally not even two subjects related to each other, it was really weird.

Made this for my husband and son last night, they LOVED it! It was complex and amazing in flavor. Thank you for sharing, already have my own version worked out in my head. Thanks again

I made these the other day and oh my! It has got to be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I made my husband one too and he has been asking for another one ever since. I am drooling just thinking about them!

This Blackberry Bacon Grilled Cheese is the perfect combination of savory and sweet! Made with Swiss cheese, blackberry jam, fresh jalapeños, and crispy bacon, it’s a must try for ALL sandwich lovers! Just in time for National Grilled Cheese Day!

It’s interesting how people tend to have a certain idea in their mind of the way things should be. Particularly when it comes to their families. How many kids they should have, how many years apart, boys or girls…..BOYS OR GIRLS! Seriously, the gender thing is huge…..and the more people I know with kids, the more I realize just how much it matters.

I can’t tell you the number of times throughout the years people have asked me if we’re trying for a boy. During every pregnancy after Ellia…and even now that we’re done having kids! As if the only reason we kept going was to hopefully end up with a boy someday!

For the record, that’s totally NOT why we kept having kids. I honestly never felt like I needed a boy or a girl (although I secretly loved the fact that kept having girls). But if one of the girls had turned out to be a boy, I would have been 100% excited. And I would have truly believed that was exactly how our family was supposed to be.

But that’s kind of how I roll in life. I try to be open to what the future holds, rather than planning it all out for myself. I just feel like things are easier that way….and definitely less disappointing!

It’s also my approach when it comes to food. Forget about the “shoulds”….sometimes you just need to go with a feeling and see how it turns out! This grilled cheese is the perfect example. Loaded with Swiss cheese, blackberry jam, bacon, and jalapeños….it’s definitely a sandwich that was born from a feeling. And it just feels right.

So. IF you happen to be one of those people who has a clear vision of how things should be (and I love you for it) I’m telling you: THIS is how a grilled cheese should be. Or, at the very least, it’s one mighty fine combination.

So what inspired this beautiful creation? Well, today is National Grilled Cheese Day! Which clearly needs celebrating. Of course. So I headed to Pick ‘n Save and let the ingredients do the talking. Speaking of Pick ‘n Save, they have an amazing deal coming up to help you get your grilled cheese on. Every time you purchase a package of Roundy’s cheese using your Fresh Perks card between April 28th – May 26th you are automatically entered to win a Year’s Supply of Roundy’s Cheese! For real! See what happens when you’re open to where life leads you? Total deliciousness. So let’s all go buy cheese. And then let’s make this sandwich. Sound like a plan?

To learn more about Pick ‘n Save, and for additional recipe inspiration, visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!

This Blackberry Bacon Grilled Cheese is the perfect combination of savory and sweet! Made with Swiss cheese, blackberry jam, fresh jalapeños, and crispy bacon, it's a must try for ALL sandwich lovers!

Butter one side of each slice of bread. Place bread, butter side down, in skillet.

Top one piece of bread with cheese, bacon, and jalapeños.

Top the other piece of bread with blackberry jam.

Put sandwich together; grill over medium heat, flipping after 4-5 minutes.

Grill until both sides are golden brown and cheese is melted

Original article and pictures take http://www.lemontreedwelling.com/2016/04/blackberry-bacon-grilled-cheese.html site

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