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Christmas Tablescape 2012

Christmas Tablescape 2012

Christmas Tablescape 2012

Can hardly wait to be around that table with you, more than once

I LOVE that you have the pieces of barn wood. My hubby did the same thing: worked and stayed at his grandparents farm as a kid. We went to the new owners when we built the last house, cause the barn was falling down (from neglect) and asked for ONE piece of barn wood for our mantle. The guy met us with a shotgun!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, we never got a piece. I hope you get your box too. I would love to have one as well. Those majolica dishes are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The COLOR is amazing and I love the detail on them. Have a WONDERFUL Christmas. XO, Pinky

The rustic & sentimental touch of the barn board is perfect for a conversation starter, of old family memories. Love the P&B shakers & Happy belated Birthday!

Tanya, Your table is gorgeous! I love the plaid runner and napkins, they make it! I haven’t been to HomeSense for a long time, I’ve peeked into Winners and that’s about it. I will be going after Christmas to check out their mark downs, though. I love your table, I would love to recreate it in my dining room, it’s perfect.

I think I just “pinned” a photo from here. I’m not sure. I still don’t have the total hang of that ol’ Pinterest. I love the centerpiece, though, and wanted to share it with the world!!! It is especially cool since the wood came from that old barn and sits atop the runner your husband gave you. I love stuff with a good back story! This is all so pretty! Lisa did REALLY well with those salt & peppers!!! Great gift! Gorgeous table setting, girl! Pottery Barn is a wonderful store to just wander through (or sit on the furniture until they start looking at you funny!) and gather inspiration. You were TRULY inspired!!!!!!!!

What a beautiful and festive tablescape, That pop of red around the white candles is perfect! I can just imagine how wonderful it will look with all your loved ones gathered around it!

Love your table. The piece of wood for the centerpiece to sit on is wonderful.I still have mine to do-but you’ve given me some great ideas!

Love your table decor, so charming! I was going to say how much I love the wood plank down the center and now I love it even more, reading where it came from. It will be such a treasured keepsake for you in the years to come.

Sooo pretty. I may have seen a pic on pinterest too. Happy rednesday

Delicious gorgeousness all around!

Beautiful bright red majolic china with the Christmas motif is perfect on your wood table. Glad you used the plaid for it pretty with all its colors. Your clip on candle holders are and great idea for the table! Have a Merry Christmas with your family!

Tanya~ SO gorgeous and Christmas-y and even more special with your hubby’s heritage barn board! I have barn board envy

Beautiful! I love your barn board, plaid runner, coffee mugs and saucers and plates…I think I love it all:) Merry Christmas!

Tanya, it looks so spectacular , but so warm and inviting. Hubby brought me home some barn wood and he’s going to make me one of those boxes, too. Hopefully, soon! The plaid runner is so pretty and your easy centerpiece is perfect. Those dishes…..swoon!!!!

Just beautiful. I love the runner and napkins and they are perfect with the barn wood. those salt & pepper shakers are so sophisticated. Dianne

Tanya, I don’t know where to start. But I do need that runner to go with my napkins. Oh yes! Still available. I absolutely adore every. single. thing. on this table. Absolutely. Adore. Love. The barn board is fabulous. Now I want one, too. I love that plaid. I love the dishes beyond words. And I love the decor on the barnboard. So magazine worthy. Great idea clipping the candles on the runner. Great idea. I know I’m gushing shamelessly. So sorry about that. I have mine on the tree but do not light them, but remember my grandmother lighting hers, 1/2 on Christmas and 1/2 on NY eve. I’m in awe.. this is just fabulous. I wish you the merriest of Christmases and many many blessings for this season and next year.

Beautiful table, great centerpiece on the old board. The plaid napkins and runner are perfect with the red dishes. Love your use of ribbons around the candles too. Perfect.

Tanya, I LOVE your table–everything about it! As soon as I spotted that board in the first photo I wondered if it was something special! You are very lucky to have some pieces of the barn. And the red dishes!!!! Oh my! The touches of peppermint and the vintage candlesticks make your table so unique. I saw those goodies in Pottery Barn too — just waiting for a sale and those linens will come home with me too. I took hubby into PB recently and I must say, never again. It is quite amusing to watch him poke around in there, but I try no to let him see the prices. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him! Wishing you a very merry Christmas and wonderful times at your pretty table. Linda

Tanya, this is one of my favorite tables this season! I love (LOVE) those red dishes. The table runner and napkins with the barn wood plank just are so warm and welcoming. I would love to sit down at this table with family! Merry Christmas!

Just beautiful, Tanya….Happy Holidays!

I absolutely love this table! Using a piece of barn board is genius, and the plaids are so pretty. I don’t ever remember seeing the dishes in our HG store, but I really like the way you put everything together.

Beautiful! I love the plaid and the board in your centerpiece! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Beautiful table, Tanya. The table runner really showcases those gorgeous plates…I am sorry I missed them at HG! Love your centerpiece, very creative.

Oh Tanya I love your table all set for Christmas! I love the red of course and that old barn board just sets it off. Love the rustic look of it all. I have some barn boards in the shed and next spring they are coming out. I hope hubby will build me one of those boxes too! I’d get them now but they are at the back and all my summer garden stuff is stuffed in front of them! When we bought this house 35 years ago the basement was partially finished and one room had a full wall of barn boards! And we got rid of them!!!! Sad eh? Well, the electric panel box had doors made of barn board and that is what is left in the shed. I think I want it out now!

Your table is beautiful but your photos are amazing!!! Love the red majolica!!!

Oh I love this! The dishes are so beautiful, I have never seen them before! The table is just delightful, and magazine worthy!

thanks so much for the link to your GORGEOUS blog and tablescape! I pinned this right away. The board (and story behind it) is so great… I want to do something like this as well this year. Too bad I only have ONE of those red plates, but I do like it. I think it was a gift one year with cookies on it. I look forward to visiting your blog more and seeing what else you have in store!

Aunt Tanya! What a stunning tablescape! Such an inspiration! I wanted to chat with you about this subject yesterday…Hope to get to Seaport Market while you’re there with Aunt Nan hehe

I would love to see you there! Sorry, we had to run right after the funeral. Hope to see you at the market!

[…] Christmas 2012 […]

My friends, we are down to the final crunch! There is lots to get checked off our lists in the coming days. This weekend, I put together my Christmas tablescape. It will be used, with some variation, several times over Christmas week. I find it so very enjoyable to watch a tablescape come together right before my eyes. I know I have told you this before…I rarely know what all the elements of my table will be before I begin. This year I knew I wanted to use my red Christmas dishes, because I did not use them last year.

While shopping at Pottery Barn, I saw a table all set with red dishes and this gorgeous runner. No table cloth was used, or needed, and their table was dark wood. Just. Like. Mine. *giggle* Piece by piece the elements started to come together.

I clipped a Christmas tree candle holder on the table runner at each place setting. They are not used today like they were in the past. My mother tells how her father lit the candles on the tree Christmas Day night. They burned them halfway down that night and then the rest of the way on New Years Eve. She also mentioned how they displayed their Christmas Cards on the tree as well. I’ll never know how the house didn’t burn down!

I see my daughter, Nicole, behind her camera lens…do you?

My new Pottery Barn S & P’s. My birthday present from Lisa.

Hubby gave me the runner and napkins for my birthday. I brought them home from a “girls only” shopping trip this fall. I’ve never been the type that expects hubby to go out and shop up a storm for me knowing exactly all the things I would love to have. Good heavens…my eyes glaze over when I walk into the Harley Davidson store. I sure can’t expect him to be any different in Pottery Barn or Home Sense!! ;0) The last few years, we have taken a day and Christmas shopped for each other, together! We have lunch and enjoy our day!

This may look like just an old weathered piece of wood to you…but oh, it is so much more. Hubby spent his childhood weekends and lots of his summer time on the farm where his dad grew up. His sister lives there now. Due to safety reasons, her hubby had to take down part of the barn this year. They saved as much of the old wood as they could. I have been wanting a piece of old barn board for a table runner. I have also wanted to make one of those beautiful old barn board boxes to fill with seasonal centerpieces. So I am thrilled to have some pieces of hubby’s “heritage” to use on our Christmas table and on many tables to come. I haven’t asked him to make the barn board box yet…but soon…very soon.

These Majolica Christmas dishes were a thrilling HomeSense find several years ago! (Remember that day, Jan?)

The centerpiece could not have been easier. I took a berry garland and formed a circle, attaching both ends together. I placed the candles in the middle after wrapping with ribbon. (The very ribbon that came off of the bundles of these Pottery Barn napkins.) Then I simply placed pine cones and some silver and green tree ornaments around the pine cones.

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

-Hamilton Wright Mabe

Wishing everyone a productive week, making all of your final Christmas preparations!


Original article and pictures take http://takesix.ca/2012/12/19/christmas-tablescape-2012/ site

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