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Cream Cheese Sour Cream Apple Cake

Cream Cheese Sour Cream Apple Cake

Cream Cheese Sour Cream Apple Cake

yummo_ this looks similar to something I make called Jewish Apple Cake but I am gonna kick it up a notch and add the frosting tip to it next time!

I’ll have to look up Jewish Apple Cake! Sounds delicious.

These look sooooo yummy! Can’t wait to give it a try!

Those look SO good, Kim! Pinned…definitely a must try, perfect for fall!

Hi Kim, I was looking for a cake to try today and of course I can’t pass on this one. I have everything and I’m ready to start but I noticed there was no time for baking. Sometimes I’m a little off key,hehe, and this is probably one of those times and I’m overlooking it but do you mind responding. Thanks so much for all you share on your fantastic website!

ACK! Yes, it’s one hour if you’re using one bundt pan. Check with a toothpick.

Hi Kim, I am from Vancouver,Washington. I am newly transplanted from Texas. I will have to try this cake, but I will have to use gluten free flour. I am pretty sure it will turn out awesome! Thanks for the recipe!!

Welcome to the NW! I’m in Camas!

Mmmmm, looks so yummy!!! Wow, I can’t believe it takes an hour to cook. That is a LONG time for a cake. I notice that for your small cakes, you mentioned that you set the oven to 325 instead of 350. Did you still have to cook the small cakes for an entire hour at 325, or did they cook faster than that? Thank you

It is yummy and yes, it takes a LONG time. I lowered the temp because my small pans were looking like they were going to brown quicker than the middle cooking. With the smaller pans I baked for around 30 min, checking often.

This Cream Cheese Sour Cream Apple Cake will knock your socks off! This is one of those recipes I crave and can’t wait to make with our home grown apples.

We have 3 apple trees in the back, so I’m always looking for different ways to use them.

Cream Cheese Sour Cream Apple Cake

You’ll find lots of apple recipes on Today’s Creative Life. Here are just a few.

This recipe was given to me from a mother of a friend.

I was attending a baby shower and she had made the most delicious apple cake. I asked for the recipe and she went to the kitchen and came back with a photo copy of the original recipe she had cut out of the Oregonian. She had a few copies already made since she knew people would ask for the recipe. Don’t you love an organized hostess?

When I came home, I used my hole punch and placed it in my Recipe Binder. It’s become one of my favorite all time recipes.

This Cream Cheese Sour Cream Apple Cake is meant to be made in a bundt pan, but I thought I’d try them in my Cake Boss Novelty pan instead. I thought they’d be so cute and I was right! Great for a quick breakfast to take along or for individual desserts.

Drizzle or no drizzle…. It’s delicious either way!

Do you have a favorite apple recipe to pass along? I’d love to try it.

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