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Fall Harvest Salad with Pretzel Croutons

Fall Harvest Salad with Pretzel Croutons

Fall Harvest Salad with Pretzel Croutons

The pretzel croutons have me drooling! Pinning

Love the twist of the pretzel croutons and so smart to do a mustard-based dressing with it. This is so fun and seasonal!

This hearty salad is inspired by the flavors of Oktoberfest. It’s loaded with ham, sharp cheddar cheese, crisp apples, and buttery pretzel croutons. Honey mustard vinaigrette ties it all together and gives the salad a zesty bite.

I’m not sure where pretzel croutons have been all my life, but I’ve definitely been making up for lost time. I saw them on a menu recently and thought the idea was completely brilliant. Pretzel croutons can transform even the most ho-hum salad into a special treat that will make you pledge to eat salads more often.

It’s really easy to make them, too! Defrost some frozen soft pretzels in the oven or microwave, cut them into bite-sized pieces and pan-toast them until they’re golden brown and crispy. They add a great salty crunch to your salad, and pair especially well with cheese and honey mustard dressing.

You can use broken pretzel rods in a pinch, but starting with soft pretzels gives you a final texture that’s more like a regular crouton. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even use homemade soft pretzels. These pretzel croutons will keep for several days in an airtight container, so go ahead and make a big batch!

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