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Gluten-free carrot cake

Gluten-free carrot cake

Gluten-free carrot cake

I will never look elsewhere for a carrot cake recipe again! I was skeptical when the mixture turned out very wet, but after 35 mins in the oven it came out springy and lovely! With me being lactose intolerant (I used Lactofree products for the icing) and my brother allergic to gluten, this was so perfect! It worked even better than ordinary carrot cakes I've attempted in the past. Inside the cake was moist and held together very well, and the flavour worked a treat with the icing. Not one to miss!

Has Jamie never eaten carrot cake? Because clearly he doesn't know how it's supposed to taste. This was incredibly underwhelming, even taking into account the usual bland-allowance one has to make for 'gluten free'.

are the sultanas necessary?

I don't know why there is so many bad comments abt this cake. I made it first time today and it was wonderful. I didn't even use a mixer, only a wooden spoon. I think the key is to not overmix it! I also added nutmeg and bit more Cinnamon. It was fluffy moist and delicious! My boyfriend loved it.

Give it a try!

cake turned out perfect... its just the icing was too runny. Any suggestions on how to make the icing nice and thick... what brand of cream cheese to use?

Can swap the flour for polenta? (Polenta cakes are ace!)

I've made this cake several times. Having been cooking gluten free for a few years now I think this cake is fab! The only difference is cook it a bit longer than the 35 mins stated. It's moist and very yummy and rose like any conventional cake. The icing really makes it, and it is the best carrot cake I have ever tasted. Not sure why it is getting some negative comments...don't blame the recipe!!!!

You MUST ADD BAKING SODA if you didn't buy \"self-rising flour\" or your cake will be hopelessly flat and thick! FYI

Frosting is really sweet! Opt for less sugar and butter, more cream cheese if you like a more complex flavor. Yum!

I'd been making carrot cake for years with a superb recipe, until my husband and 2 sons turned out to be gluten intolerant. I saw this recipe and knew I had to try it. I can't believe how wonderful it tastes! I substituted walnuts for pecans. And it's a bit too orange-tasting, so next time I'll cut the orange juice in half and reduce the orange zest in the frosting. Thumbs up, Jaime!!

Hopeless recipe, it did not rise, it was tasty enough but like a brick.

Hi I'm new to what free and I've been trawling the Internet and came across this recipe. Tried this twice now and it's been fab. First time I undercooked/baked it so feel this needs to be In the oven for a bit longer than stated. The ingredients appear to settle too much to the bottom. The second time around it was much better. Perhaps because of the longer baking time.

The first time round it lasted five days and Was firm enough to eat as a snack instead of a muffin. I halved sugar too because I'm sugar intolerant! But it was still delicious.

Second time I used exact same quantities (but both times omitted topping) but we ate it as a dessert with rice ice cream. The three young boys and four adults all enjoyed it. Used full quantity of sugar stated but it didn't taste overly sweet.

A last comment for Jamie: this is easily a dairy free dessert or bake. So my friend who cannot eat dairy almost didn't get to enjoy it because I realised that the recipe called for the cake tin to be greased with butter! Only dairy in this recipe besides the topping so I lightly greased the sides with oil. That worked as well. So thanks for this great recipe. Someone commented that it was bland but I thought it was pretty tasty��

The taste of this carrot cake was amazing, but texture not the best! It was wet and heavy. Next time I added baking powder - super!

Did you add baking powder or are you saying that you will add baking powder next time?

we made this with exact quantities but we used a 22cm tin instead, and our oven was broken so we used our microwave / convection oven . ours was a huge disappointment, it came out about 10mm thick. anyone know why? there was no size to ours at all. no puffy ness

So microwaves aren't the best cooking devices, which likely lead to a lot of the disappointment. Also, if you didn't buy \"self-rising\" flour you need to add a leavener, like baking soda or baking powder. :) a leavening agent adds wonderful air bubbles, hence \"puffiness\"!

Can the recipe be doubled to give the same result please? If so what size of baking tin would I need to use please?

Mine turned out very greasy, heavy and wet - more like a bread pudding.

dried it out a bit in the microwave but still not very nice - apart from the taste which was good.

Instead of sunflower oil, can be as well coconut oil it taste in cake very subtle but make the needed moisture. (sunflower taste too strong, prefer any other olive, rapeseed) Also the gluten free mix can be swapped with corn starch, just add baking soda and its still gluten free. I make similar cake from leftovers when I make fresh carrot-apple-orange juice,just get rid of skin and seeds. For none sugar, use 3tbs honey plus Stevia

Just made yesterday (no sugar honey+stevia), rapeseed oil, corn starch - turns perfect, juicy but well baked. (I used the carrots apples and orange for fresh family juice drink and what was left onto cake + 1 freshly grated carrot).

I would prefer to use margarine and mix it well first with the sugar - I found the oil makes for a very greasy cake. Also my mix was pretty dry

Normal self raising flour will be just fine. The apple isn't there for taste but to bulk out the mix and add moisture (cant taste it) but if you really need to get rid of the apple you will need to substitute it for something else or add more carrot. This mix is quite wet so without the apple it may change the conistancy and texture so you would need to experiment.

Yes you can freeze pretty much any cake but do not freeze with the icing on as that will go watery. Freeze in an air right container to avoid frost burn and defrost with lid off to avoid that sweety wet look.

Can the cake be frozen (before icing)?

Can I convert this recipe to a non- gluten free version by using normal self raising flour ? And eliminate the apple?

The recipe works just fine although I was a little concerned on how loose the mix was it came out absolutely perfect! :)

I cooked mine in a 20cm square tin and it took a minimum of 50 minutes so the cooking time was the only other problem I had with this recipe.

As for taste you wont be disappointed, its gluten free but you would never know.

Original article and pictures take http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/gluten-free-carrot-cake/#rCYPHUCQVl5wjElf.97 site

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