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Herbs In Oil Ensure A Continual Fresh Stash

Herbs In Oil Ensure A Continual Fresh Stash

Herbs In Oil Ensure A Continual Fresh Stash

Imagine having fresh herbs on standby whenever you require them. We were so excited to find this brilliant idea and we absolutely couldn’t wait to share!

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Herbs really take your cooking to the next level. If you are a keen gardener, chances are you are growing your own at home. We know that you are going to be excited to learn that there is a simple way to always have fresh herbs on hand and it couldn’t be easier!

Did you know you can pop them in ice cube trays, add oil and freeze them? This is a brilliant trick and one you will use continually and it certainly beats dried herbs absolutely hands down!

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All you need to do is chop or tear up your herbs into small pieces. Now you will start packing them into your ice cube trays. You could easily use other household items but we have found that ice cube moulds produce the best result. Now is the fun part, you can pop them in on your own or mix them up to create some new combinations.

Be sure that you write down on a pad the names for future reference. There are a few different ways you can top off your herbs.

You can use a few tablespoons of a light olive oil. You can use Butter or you can even use vegetable or chicken broth. Anything goes, it depends purely on your taste and what dish you are planning on using your herbs for.

We’ve also included a Tutorial to make your very own hanging gutter garden using PVC. You will love to grow your own herbs and the best part is you can move it around the garden and hang it in the most advantageous position.

You can pop it in the sun and move it to the shade as required. It’s also very inexpensive and simple to make. Be sure to check out how to preserve Basil too.

We’ve included a one minute video that shows you how to freeze your herbs. The Blogger suggests that this process works best for the hardier herbs so bear this in mind. To view the video click Play above ^^^ – Images via The Kitchn

Here’s a great chart above that shows you what herbs complement what foods. It also shows you how to store herbs. Be sure to Pin. Source – Cooksmarts

More glorious herbs, this time from The Pioneer Woman

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Here’s how Julie suggests that you do it ..

You will need 4 things: Jar, basil, salt, olive oil.

Clean your fresh basil in cold water, and let it air dry well.

Find a clean glass container with a lid.

Sprinkle a little salt (I used Kosher) on the bottom of the jar.

Add a little basil.

Add a little olive oil.

Repeat salt, basil, oil.

Repeat salt, basil, oil.


Repeat until your container is full, or you’re out of basil.

Be sure to press down so to cover all of the basil with oil & salt.

Grow your herbs in a vertical garden —> Hanging Gutter Garden Tutorial

Original article and pictures take http://thewhoot.com.au/whoot-news/recipes/freeze-herbs-in-oil?omhide=true site

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