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Last year I made this copycat recipe from the show-

Last year I made this copycat recipe from the show-

Last year I made this copycat recipe from the show-

Ah! How awesome is this. My husband and oldest love the walking dead so something like this would be really fun for them! - Jeanine

These are great Walking Dead Zombie recipes. I love the jello worms and the skeleton platter. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe ideas.

Oh man, I am so nervous - 2 more hours until the premiere! These are some fun recipes, I've always wanted to make the jello worms.

My husband is anxiously counting down til the big show! He will get a kick out of some of these!

Oh my gosh! These are really cool and scary ideas. Would love to make some of these this year.

What creative party ideas! I do not know much about the walking dead but my husband and older sons are big fans. I would love to serve them a few of hear recipe ideas.

Holy crap - lol. I was so shocked to see those wormies looking thing. Too creative it scared me lol.

These are fabulous! After watching the premiere last night I should have made these.

Okay I am loving these Jello worms! Omg, they look so real, I am going to have to try these out myself.

What a great idea! Firstly, those worms do look disgusting, lol! I love the skeleton platter, and the cupcakes look delicious!! You can never go wrong with cupcakes...or make them look 'disgusting!'

Gosh! Creepy and fabulous! My hubby would love that sign (for fun) and all of your ideas! Just so imaginative and really great work!

This looks like such a fun party. I wish I knew enough people to go through the trouble we just moved here.

Cute food ideas! Love halloween, fun crafts and fun recipes! Thanks!

These are super awesome ideas. I love the ice hand in the punch bowl!

Great fun food ideas! The edible jello worms totally freaked me out.

This is really cute. I love the worms.

It's that time again- Halloween is a week away and my favorite scary show- The Walking Dead is back for another mind blowing season! The premiere is tomorrow and I know many of you TWD fans are planning viewing parties! I put together a collection of some of my fave creepy meals and snacks perfect for a The Walking Dead Zombie Party!

Believe it or not, I am not a fan of scary movies or even haunted house but darn it I love The Walking Dead! Check out our $1 store zombie decor!

Last year I made this copycat recipe from the show- Bowls of Worms is gross and creeeepy!

These edible jello worms look so much like the real thing they are hard to eat- until you try them!

My kids loved this monster pasta!

I used gluten free black bean pasta from Trader Joe's and made eye balls with cut up cheese sticks and olives.

It's Alive Zombie Cupcakes. Store bought cake mix and frosting is made into easy zombie cupcakes. I found the bone sprinkles and zombie toppers at World Market.

Bloody Punch is my new favorite! Simply mix one bottle of cranberry juice, a 2 liter of ginger ale, and a few scoops of raspberry sorbet. Add a frozen hand ice mold and some spider shaped ice cubes and you have got a creepy and tasty drink to serve!

Check out all the details here.

I saved the best for last y'all! We used our skeleton decoration and stuffed him with sausage, rolled up lunch meat, cheese, and crackers for a festive appetizer platter!

I have seen many versions of this on Pinterest including desserts!

Hope you enjoyed these ideas. Please comment below and share your favorite zombie party foods.


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