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No Bake Apple Cinnamon Muffin Bites

No Bake Apple Cinnamon Muffin Bites

No Bake Apple Cinnamon Muffin Bites

You don’t eat apples?? Can we still be friends? Well, I’ll see it this way: more left for me! They are my all time favourite fruit. I love that they’re available all year round…like bananas. But better

Those bites look absolutely scrumptious btw! You’re so creative!! Next time you’re making a cupcake bite with a mini frosting swirl on top

Oh really? I don’t mind them but would rather have something else…like chocolate or a quest bar lol!

Haha that sounds like a plan!

Pahaha “low fat apples”. Sales tactics can be brilliant sometimes! I wonder how many people fell for it??

lol, actually they didn’t say low fat apples, just paleo and gluten free but that doesn’t surprise me if they eventually did!

Ahahahaha, low fat apples… I need to try selling powdered water sometime–“just add water!”

But anyway, this looks awesome! I’m on a mission (I’m always on this mission) to use up everything in my fridge right now, and I have everything this recipe calls for! Pinning for later! :]!

oh God that would be hilarious!!

Please do- It’s delicious!

These look great! About how many balls does the recipe make?

Hi Kay! It depends on what size you make them, I opt for 12-13

Ah, I eat an apple every….always one of my top 3 favorite foods. I can never have enough. Any time I’m at a grocery store I have to buy more apples…….I would die if I ever ran out. I’m always looking for the biggest apples too….none of these tiny bite-sized “1 serving” apples they try to sell….I need them BIG!

oohhhhh we have these GIANT apples which are like…let me work it out maybe close to a pound or even more- they are HUGE!

I love apple pie, apple strudel and apple muffins but only rarely eat a fresh one. There’s fresh fruit I like more but in baked goods it’s yum. These bites sound awesome. I will try them maybe this week. When I am through the leftovers of my recent clif bar experiments.

Beautiful photography! Your pictures get more professional with every post!

You’re a gem, Juli

i’ve made these with dried apple! so good, but more carbs. oops, there goes the carb consumption decrease! haha, poor people, they are missing out. maybe a melatonin bite needs to be made for you next…. just sayin #jetlag

hahahaha no carbs for you! I love dried apples- Mum brought some back from Iran and Niki and I polished them off in a day!

SAIGON CINNAMON >>> !!! Someone understands!! I love making bites like these!

YES!!! Best tasting cinnamon ever!

Wait. Apples are paleo AND gluten-free? Well then clearly I need to eat some apples so that I can keep up my paleo-gluten-free eating regimen. Haha! I’d like to think that the guy handing out those samples at the store was saying that as a joke…but I somehow suspect he was being serious. And I somehow suspect that a lot of people were totally hooked by his sales pitch. Ah, but let’s talk about cinnamon + apples. That’s one of my favorite combinations of all time. Like ultimate comfort food! The fact that you turned them into a no-bake treat just deserves all kind of respect. Well done! I hope you brought some of these with you on the plane…just to make the people around you jealous. Haha!

YES! I love how you guys have applesauce here which actually has cinnamon in it- So good. I’m not going to lie- i’m looking forward to the cooler weather so I can have the hot apple cider spiked with cinnamon!

This is unreal! Love it!!

Thanks Cassie!

HAHA This happened to me at Costco last week. I don’t remember what was being sampled, but it was similar to this where it was OBVIOUSLY gluten free and vegan, and that’s exactly what they were saying. I was like well no shit!?

Another lovely ball recipe.

Thanks buddy!

I lol’d at the sales pitch for the apples. Too funny! I’ll have to try your recipe, they look so tasty!

Please do, Betsy!

So so tasty! I made the coconut flour version. These will be perfect for snacks this week! And I was cracking up at the apple marketing :)). Too funny!

Oh wow, I’m so glad you tried them out, Leigh Anne!

Wait, what? Apples are gluten free? Since when?! I kid.

As someone who eats gluten, likes, gluten, and has no problem with gluten, I still like apples more. These look fantastic Arman. You’ve got to like a recipe that’s easy, healthy, and tasty. Pinned!

Thanks so much Linda.

No gluten for you.

We have even better samples than just new products. Most times a chef from the kitchen will be making a recipe with a few products that you can sample. The sales pitch is that then you buy not just one thing, but about 5. It’s very successful (not that I would know…)

Nice one!

I need to make these – my husband would love them!!!

Please do- I promise they are delicious!

Whole Foods was out of my beloved Granny Smith apples I love, so I asked the produce guy which apple was the most tart. we had a little impromptu apple samplin’ party, he grabbed his knife and we tasted three. YUM.

I prefer the highly glutenous apples.

Urgh, DON’T talk about WF. I went yesterday and the hot bar was so sad, I had 2 kind bars and 2 chobani yogurts for lunch.

ARMAN! How the hell are ya- how is New York??? I want to hear all about it…iChat me from your new number!!

As a huge apple pie lover, I am loving the look of those balls (TWSS?). Apples are paleo & gluten-free??? Say it ain’t so!!! *End sarcasm*

I’m running on empty- My sleep patterns have been all over the place and I’m dying for one solid night’s sleep!

You know you bought those apples because they were gluten free and paleo.

I love the combination of apple cinnamon, especially in sweet treats, like pie, although apple pie, at least mine, definitely has added fats and sugars. I’ll make it for you sometime. How American Is that?!

I totally did.

Please do. I wanted to order a packaged apple pie today. The one from 7/11

Wait… apples are PALEO?! *running to the store to force the produce manager to slap this important, Earth-shattering information onto the pears, too*

No Becca. Pears are NOT paleo. Stop spreading lies!

Your pictures….I CAN’T.EVEN.

Your shoes. I can’t even.


So awesome, Arman… this is so simple and looks so scrumptious! I think the paleo version is more for me on this one, but either way it’s going to be tried

I LOVE the paleo version because the hold up so much better- Gotta love coconut flour!

Ha! Now you can tell your mum to make these instead of apple sauce when you don’t eat her apples. They look good tasty and healthy though, so she might start buying more apples. Best come up with more apple recipes.


Haha thank you Holly. I’ll need to rack my brains to think up more apple ideas!

HAHA, next thing you know, water will be advertised as gluten free, vegan, paleo and calorie free. And then people will finally be well-hydrated perhaps!

Let’s make ALL the bites and then tour the city, yes?

I’m posting a recipe for water when you come. We’ll do a vlog.

Is it weird that I don’t like “fresh” apples, but like them IN things, like snacks/pies/cakes/etc? This recipe looks awesome. Also, did I tell you I bought dried bluebs in order to make your bites recipe??

You and me both!!! If that’s weird, then i’m weird too aha!

I love the little chunks of apple in these fun healthy bites!

Thanks Jeanette- That was the best part!

Paleo and gluten free – that’s just hilarious! However, I think that could be the truth if the apples have been stored in the same storage along with wheat and the other stuff, and some “food dust” might have covered them, right? And I’ve seen organic tooth paste – that’s just an essential thing to have :lol. Talking about these cute sweet guys, they are awesome and look so luscious! By the way, you should have dropped a parcel with something delish on your way to US – I was waiting for it!

Hahahaha oh silly food dust. How I forgot abut those!

Come to NYC!

Would it be okay to blend the apple rather than chop it? Or would that throw off the consistency? (Was too lazy to read all the comments to see if this had already been asked #sorrynotsorry.)

Hi Chelsea! I haven’t tried it out that way, you can try it and let me know!

Holy cow! These look awesome! I can’t wait to make them. I am literally already getting out my ingredients and supplies. I just have one question, if my protein powder is sweetened, may I omit the coconut palm sugar? Or is it a necessity in the recipe?



Hi Abby! I love omitting the coconut palm sugar as my protein powder is sweetened too- Although I recommend tasting the batter first

Mine were delicious but fell apart. I added extra agave and it still didn’t work. I did them with protien so thinking I need more milk b/c they were a bit dry. Also used GF all purpose flour which may be more dry. Excited to try again this weekend!!

Hi Layna! You definitely need to add more milk, depending on the protein powder you use! I’ve never tried GF all purpose flour but I suspect those would have had an impact too

The taste and texture of a delicious, hearty apple cinnamon muffin minus the baking and added fats and sugars! Just one bowl and ten minutes is all you’ll need to make these healthy gluten free and vegan apple cinnamon muffin bites with a paleo option too!

Supermarket samplers.

Those guys who stand around dishing out samples of various edible products in an attempt to leave consumers walking out with said product in hand. Usually, I’m oblivious to them unless it’s something really delicious or unique or well…If I’m hungry.

It’s currently entering apple season in Australia and for some reason, a particular supermarket chain thought it would be a smart idea to give samples of apples.

Yes, just apples.

Now, I don’t have any qualms with this- I don’t mind apples (especially in pies or with cinnamon in muffins) but wasn’t particular keen to ‘sample’ them. I mean, my mum’s fruitbowl is always filled with them.

(Mum. Niki and I don’t eat those apples. STOP buying them and then getting angry when you have to make applesauce on a weekly basis because they keep rotting).

However, I was concurrently bemused at some of the ‘sales tactics’ they were using- Especially one gem in particular.

“Come try these apples! They are completely paleo and gluten free!”

Are you kidding me.

No. Way.

You guys. Apples fresh from a tree (okay a box) are completely paleo and gluten free.

Having studied marketing as one of my minors in University, I can understand how playing upon current ‘trends’ is a popular business tactic (Paleo and Gluten Free are perhaps two of the most trending words right now in Australia!) but to go so far as stating something so obvious? I’m not sure.

Fun fact- A recent news publication surveyed over 2000 people’s food diaries and realised carb consumption had decreased by two thirds.

Actually, there’s nothing fun about that.

Back to the sales pitch.

Have we as a society really come to have to use such ‘details’ to sell a product? A product which I personally thought sold itself? Had it been a fitness supplement or perhaps a snack bar, I’d see the validity of it. But an apple?


I ended up buying those apples. Well, two of them. For this recipe. I swear it wasn’t because they were deemed paleo, gluten free and from God’s garden themselves.

So for today’s recipe- Healthy No Bake Apple Cinnamon Muffin Bites. After sharing my recipe for the blueberry muffin energy balls, I had in mind two muffin bite ideas to recipe test and share. When I asked you guys what you’re favourite muffins were, I was thrilled that these two were amongst the most popular! Today you get the most popular one- The Apple Cinnamon!

I’m a huge fan of the apple cinnamon combination as evidenced by this recipe here (which by the way, I’m going there next Wednesday, woo!) so putting this combo in a no bake recipe was a no brainer! Like the blueberry muffin energy balls, these Apple Cinnamon Muffin Bites have the taste and texture of a bakery style muffin, minus the oven, added fats and sugars. The original version is vegan and gluten free, and the second has alternatives which is suitable for a paleo diet. I also included blackstrap molasses as my favourite store bought muffin here uses a small portion of it and it takes it to the next level.


Ready in under 10 minutes, these Healthy No Bake Apple Cinnamon Muffin Bites are the perfect snack to have on hand when you want a muffin, craving a muffin or want something in the shape of a ball.


The taste and texture of a delicious, hearty apple cinnamon muffin minus the baking and added fats and sugars! Just one bowl and ten minutes is all you’ll need to make these healthy gluten free and vegan apple cinnamon muffin bites with a paleo option too!

1/2 cup gluten free oat flour

1 scoop of neutral or vanilla protein powder (optional)

pinch sea salt

1-2 T Coconut palm sugar (can sub for any granulated sweetener of choice)

2 T molasses (can sub for any liquid sweetener such as agave, honey or brown rice syrup)

1 small apple, chopped (keep skin on)

1/2 cup coconut flour

1 scoop paleo friendly protein powder (optional)

pinch sea salt

1 tsp Saigon cinnamon

1-2 T coconut palm sugar

2 T molasses (can sub for any liquid sweetener such as agave, honey or brown rice syrup)

1 small apple, chopped (keep skin on)

1 T - 1/2 cup+ dairy free milk of choice*

In a microwave safe bowl or over the stove, heat up the chopped apple until it has softened and caramelised and allow to cool.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, rolled oats, protein powder, cinnamon, sea salt, granulated sweetener of choice and mix well. Stir through the molasses- The mixture should be quite crumbly. Add in the cooked apple and mix until fully incorporated.

Using a tablespoon, add the milk until a thick, firm dough is formed.

Form into bite sized balls and eat immediately or refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to firm up.

Balls can be kept at room temperature or refrigerated/frozen.

I am beyond STOKED when you make a recipe from here! Be a legend and tag #thebigmansworld or @thebigmansworld with your re-creations- I can't wait to see them!

Set aside an extra 10 minutes and try another one of these beauties too!

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Rice Pudding (Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Carb option)

Do you often have supermarket samplers at your local?

What is the most ridiculous marketing ploy you’ve heard? At the Costco in Melbourne, they were saying that the smoked salmon was ‘smoked’. Why thank you.

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