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Orange & polenta cake

Orange & polenta cake

Orange & polenta cake

I need to bake something gluten and dairy free. Would this work if I substituted sunflower margarine for the butter?

Wonderful receipe - was out of ground almonds and used almond purée instead, turns out perfect. And very nicely moist with the orange sirup... Thank you Jamie!!!

Fantastic cake. Really moist and tastes great. I too only used half of the syrup and this was plenty. Has a slightly gritty texture but I guess that's the polenta. Will definitely make this again

can you freeze this cake well?

can I use plain flour instead of ground almonds?

We are also allergic to eggs, dairy, soya and nuts and I'm planning on making this by replacing the ground almonds with ground gluten free oats

what are gluten free oats?

You should be able to find these online, in big supermarkets or health food stores Daniel. Enjoy x

Oats are naturally gluten free but most are cross contaminated with wheat and other grains either in the field or during harvesting or processing and packing. Few oat farmers/suppliers have their products certified as gluten free due to being free from cross contaminated with other grains making them safe for those with allergies and intolerance.

Do you need to soak the polenta before adding to the mixture or just add straight from the packet?

I added it straight from the packet and the cake was delicious. I didn't use all the syrup though as it would have been too wet.

Thank you!

Original article and pictures take http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/fruit-recipes/orange-polenta-cake/ site

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