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Pull-Apart Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Pull-Apart Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Pull-Apart Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Natasha! you are perfect & really lovely lady!

thank’s aloooooooooooooooot for all recipes Reply

You’re so nice! Thank you for the sweet compliment and I’m so glad you are enjoying my recipes

Delicious!! Easy to make! Very light pumpkin flavor, more cinnamon than anything else. I cut the frosting in half, but it’s the main thing that gives this bread it’s sweetness. Thanks Natasha!!

I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!

Just wondering, why can’t you use a can of pumpkin pie filling instead of pumpkin purée ?

Hi Janice, I think it would still work with pumpkin pie filling, but I haven’t tested it that way so I can’t say for sure since there are other ingredients added to the pumpkin (water, syrup, spices, etc)

Hello. I made this last night. Turned out great. But you can’t really taste the pumpkin. Which I was really looking forward too because I love all things pumpkin flavored. Other then that it was delicuous. I did add a bit of pecans on top right before I put it in the oven. And it gave it a great crunch.

Hi Yelena, I love that you added the pecans! With pumpkin bread or pumpkin cinnamon rolls (most pumpkin bread recipes actually), the pumpkin flavor is pretty subtle. If you overwhelm the dough with pumpkin puree, it won’t rise properly. Mine is probably has more pumpkin than most of the recipes I came across after doing a quick search because I’m with you; I love pumpkin so I tried to “pump-kin” it up!

I am making this bread now…and I had to add almost another cup of flour because the batter was so sticky….is that okay?

Hi Jouie, it can vary by how you measured the flour and the type of flour you used. For example, if you use Canadian flour (which has a higher gluten content), you typically need less of it and other flours may require more. How did you measure and what kind of flour did you use? Also, is it possible you may have lost count in measuring?

Making these right now. They are on their last rise before I pop them in the oven.

I don’t have cream for the glaze do you think milk will be okay?

Can’t wait to try them Reply

Just took them out of the oven. My kids took care of half in under a minute

You can’t taste the pumpkin. The purée did make the bread super soft and moist with the prettiest yellow colour

Really wish I made double Reply

I’m so glad you liked it! I agree, you can’t go wrong with making double because it disappears so fast!

Hi Inna, cream is best but if using milk, use a little less so you don’t thin out the glaze too much. Half and half would work also.

My gosh this looks so yummy!!! Probably going to try this one because I’ve been wanting to try that cinnamon rolls anyway, so this will be a great variation for it and perfect for fall too!

Ohhh if you love cinnamon rolls and pumpkin, you will love this!

Make pumpkin bread this once and you’ll make it over and over! Imagine cinnamon rolls + pumpkin pie + an irresistible cinnamon glaze and you have this pull-apart pumpkin bread! This recipe is a hit everywhere it goes. Everything about it is good from the melt-in-your mouth soft centers to the cinnamon glaze that melts into every groove. You’ll want this glaze on all your pumpkin-baked goods. It’s truly THAT GOOD!

This is a treat for breakfast, brunch or dessert and is sure to become a Fall favorite in your home as well. It’s well loved by kids and adults and you don’t even have to slice it! Portions easily pull apart from the loaf to expose gorgeous swirls of pumpkin spice. P.S. This recipe makes 2 loves and you will love the make-ahead option so you can enjoy this freshly baked pumpkin bread in the morning! The last picture has your name written all over it!

Ingredients for Pull-Apart Pumpkin Bread:

3/4 cup warm milk (not hot) tip: microwave cold milk 40 seconds

1/2 Tbsp active dry yeast

3/4 cup pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling), or use well-drained homemade puree

4 Tbsp granulated sugar, divided

3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour + 1-2 Tbsp (465 grams) *See note on measuring

1 large egg, room temp

2 Tbsp melted unsalted butter, divided (1 Tbsp for batter, 1 Tbsp to grease pans)

1/2 tsp salt

Filling for Pull-Apart Pumpkin Bread:

7 Tbsp unsalted butter, softened, divided (6 for the filling and 1 Tbsp to brush tops)

1/4 cup light brown sugar, packed (64 grams)

1 Tbsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Ingredients for Cinnamon Glaze:

1 cup powdered sugar

2 tsp ground cinnamon

5-6 Tbsp heavy cream or half and half

What You’ll Need:

2 Bread Pans, An electric stand mixer (unless you want to knead by hand), Rolling Pin

How to Make Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread:

1. In bowl of an electric mixer, add 3/4 cup warm milk, sprinkle top with 1/2 Tbsp yeast and let sit for 7 min.

2. Whisk in 1/2 cup flour and 2 Tbsp sugar then whisk in 3/4 cup pumpkin puree. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm oven** for 25-30 minutes or at room temp 35-45 min. It will be puffy.

3. Whisk in 1 egg, 1 Tbsp melted butter, remaining 2 Tbsp sugar, and 1/2 tsp salt.

4. Using dough hook on speed 2, add remaining 3 cups flour (1/2 cup at a time allowing it to incorporate between each addition). Dough should feel barely sticky to the touch but should not stick to fingertips or the sides of the bowl while mixing. You may need an extra 1-2 Tbsp flour depending on how you measured it. Once all flour is in, continue kneading on speed 2 for 10 minutes. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm oven** for 1 hour or at room temp 2 hours. Dough should double in size.

5. Generously dust flour over a clean work surface and place dough in the center. Sprinkle dough with flour (just enough to keep the rolling pin from sticking) and roll into an even 16\u2033x10\u2033 rectangle. Dot the top of dough with 6 Tbsp softened butter and spread it out gently with a spatula.

6. Stir together 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1 Tbsp cinnamon and 1/2 tsp pumpkin spice and sprinkle it all evenly over buttered dough.

This is a very exciting step for little helpers!

7. Roll the dough up starting with the longer side, keeping a tight roll. Push ends in slightly to make them a little more uniform then slice in half. Slice both halves into 1\u2033 pieces, keeping the dough rounds connected at the base (don’t cut all the way through). Butter 2 bread pans with 1/2 Tbsp butter each then transfer the sliced dough halves into buttered pans, connected side down. Gently pull the sliced rounds into opposite directions to create a layered effect. (Note: if baking the following day, see notes***). Cover with plastic and let rise in a warm oven** for 30-45 minutes or at room temperature for 1 to 1 1/2 hours or until puffy.

8. Brush each loaf with 1/2 Tbsp melted butter and Bake at 350˚F for 22-25 min. I think it’s perfect at 23 minutes. Bread will be a light golden brown. Let bread cool in pan 10 minutes then apply glaze (see instructions below) generously over the top of each loaf while inside the pan.

How to Make the Cinnamon glaze:

1. Stir together the glaze ingredients, adding cream to reach desired consistency. Pour/spread generously over your two warm pumpkin loaves

To serve, each “cinnamon roll” pulls apart into perfect serving sizes. No need to slice it!

I want you to experience this pull-apart pumpkin bread! Just be aware – it has been know to disappear in seconds!

Original article and pictures take http://natashaskitchen.com/2016/09/21/pull-apart-pumpkin-bread-recipe/ site

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