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Soft-Baked Christmas Funfetti Cookies.

Soft-Baked Christmas Funfetti Cookies.

Soft-Baked Christmas Funfetti Cookies.

The softest, most festive holiday cookies. Full of sprinkles and buttery goodness!

I am a sucker for a soft, buttery sugar cookie. Emphasis on the soft-baked part. I can pass up a crunchy sugar cookie any day of the week.

And after months of researching, studying, testing, retesting, and retesting some more… I finally found my one and only sugar cookie recipe. Yes, I did a little happy dance in the kitchen when I took the first bite. They’re simply glorious.

The ingredients are simple. Nothing out of the ordinary. Your usual suspects: all-purpose flour, leaveners, salt, vanilla, butter, egg, sugar, sprinkles. That’s it. Nothing fancy. Nothing demanding an extra trip to the grocery store. Just pure, easy ingredients for my sugar cookies.

The recipe is quick. The cookies only take about 8 minutes in the oven. They will look undercooked and very soft. That’s ok – they will continue to bake as you let them cool on the cookie sheet. I always underbake my cookies because I like them extra soft.

The recipe makes a small batch and can easily be doubled or tripled for a large family, get together, or party. I got 15 decent sized cookies from the batch. Just enough to have some in our cookie jar and leftovers for friends. If you have a big family, are making these while entertaining, or for a cookie exchange – double or triple the recipe!

There’s room for a ton of sprinkles. The dough is thick enough to hold a fair amount of the good stuff. In my recipe testing, I’ve found that sugar cookie dough can be overly greasy, making it hard to incorporate sprinkles and have them stick. Not these – they’re the perfect soft pillow for a multitude of sprinkles. A lot of sprinkles is a good thing.

**Click HERE for the recipe, comments, questions, and reviews.**

Oh, and grab a glass of milk. You’ll need it. Happy holidays!

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