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Tiger Butter

Tiger Butter

Tiger Butter

Thank you, K, for taking time out to post this recipe. It sounds so good. Just like so many of your reipes!!

Merry Christmas

Monica Truitt Erickson

I would never have imagined that cereal could go so well with the chocolate and peanut butter for this recipe. This is what I probably want to have this Christmas.

This sounds great, I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Monica ~ you are such a sweetie...Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Sean ~ you cannot go wrong with peanuts, peanut butter with chocolate...Merry Christmas!

Courtney ~ thanks for stopping by...Merry Christmas!

Tasty and Festive! Happy Holidays :-)

I just love the name...LOL!!

I can already envision my sister's face when she asks me what I'm bringing for Christmas and I say \"white trash\".... HEE!

Love it!

Mags ~ Christmas in front of it...cleans it all up! It's that what Christmas is all about...you are a hoot!! Blessing for a Merry Christmas!! K

With a name like \"White Trash\", how can it not be good, lol! I buy something similar to this at our local bulk barn, never realizing how easy it would be to make at home. Thanks for the recipe and happy holidays!!

Hi K, thanks for all the great recipes and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Yum! Anything with chocolate peanut butter m&m's... I'm totally sold. Thanks for linking on The Christmas Smorgasbord!

~The Lucky Wife {via The Chef}

Sounds so yummy!!!

Stopping by from Mandy's Recipe Box...

This looks so good! I've never seen it with the M&M's, and that makes it extra cute for the holidays! Thanks for posting this. Yum.

hahahaha i have to admit - the title is what caught my attention. i was like \"yeah! i'll take some white trash! i AM some white trash!\" haha..love it!

What a funny name but it sure does sound delicious! Thank you for sharing this treat with the Hearth and Soul hop.

so yummi and pretty!!!

Y-um! You have so many delicious-looking recipes. The name of this one cracks me up. I have a chex mix recipe called \"Christmas Crack\". Thanks for sharing.

Warmly, Michelle

Seriously LOVE the name of these...and they look amazing too! :) You've been featured on DIY Thrifty Thursday at www.thrifty101.blogspot.com

Hope to see you again this week!


Hi K! I just wanted to let you know that your white trash was featured on Foodie Friday today! It reminded me so much of what my Mom made when I was younger. The only real difference is she used Chex instead of Crispix. So I had to share this one with everybody. Thank you again for linking it up!

Thanks for this recipe! My daughter has a friend who is from Alabama and he is always talking about \"white trash\" that is mom makes but I have never seen a recipe! Can't wait to try this!

I featured this today on my Christmas in July celebration


We've made this every year for YEARS! We add Cheerios to ours, and use chex cereal instead, but we love Christmas as that's the only time we make this yummy treat! It is AWESOME! It goes faster than more elaborate, time consuming desserts!

Oh yeah. I will TOTALLY be making this!! YUM!

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It looks delicious. Thanks for sharing on Share Your Stuff Tuesdays. HUGS!

I love this! I make it for all the holidays as well but I use Wiltons Candymelts so I can change the color to go with the season!! :)

I make this at Easter use Froot Loops and add pastel colored mini marshmallows. ;-)

Thank you! I wonder..... Do they have Orange candy melts that could be used at Halloween? ;-)

I don't know if they have orange or not. You may check the wilton products…they might.

Yes they do have orange, green, red pink, cocoa.

Yes they have a few diff. Colors. Red, green, orange, pink, cocoa. All have the same vanilla flavor except cocoa i believe.

Yes oh Yes!! I make a very similar recipe, but mine also has cheerios and peanuts. Gotta make this any day now....thanks much for the reminder, and for linking this lovely treat up at Weekend Potluck! You know I LOVE your fabulous recipes!!!

Your are a blessing to me…love Weekend Potluck!!

White trash is so addicting all year long! Thank you for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you next week.

Can I use bags of white shocolate chips or should I use the bark?

You can use whit chocolate chips… I prefer the almond bark.

If I make this as a gift and put it in small mason jars, how many do you think it will make?

I think you could probably get 24+ jars…hope this helps.

Thank you that helps a lot,

My friend makes this every year for the cookie exchange. Now it is my time to try for Christmas Eve. Thank you so much for the recipe.

Does this freeze well?

LOVE your blog! Your mother's apron caught my eye - did she make a trip to Alaska? That's where I live and I too was raised in the 50's and 60's in East Texas. Can't wait to make the White Trash!

Mary ~ my father worked on the oil pipeline in the 60's. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to CWK!

Make this every year, and it is so easy and so good! I up the amount of cereal and pretzels and use just 20 oz of chocolate to try and make it a bit \"healthier\" ;) and it still tastes so good and is my family's favorite at Christmas. Thanks for the easy recipe!

Looking for a last minute treat? Christmas White Trash is the perfect treat to make. Calls for few ingredients takes fifteen minutes to make and looks amazing when packaged in cute treat bags.

I am going stop baking and go ahead and post my Christmas White Trash recipe. I have had several request for the recipe, and it is so quick and easy to make.

This trash is an all time family favorite. I make it for, Valentine's, Easter, and whenever there is something to celebrate. The basic recipe for the trash is the same each time. I just change the color of the M&Ms for what we are celebrating. For Valentine's I use the cute pink, red, and white M&Ms. This makes a great treat to give as gifts in little holiday bags also.

You can find this recipe at Weekend Potluck and others at these wonderful linky parties here!

Christmas White Trash


24 oz. vanilla flavored candy coating (white chocolate almond bark)

6 cups Kellogg's Crispix cereal

3 cups Christmas shaped pretzels

16 oz. M&M Peanut Butter Chocolate Candies, or Peanut Chocolate Candies, or Plain Chocolate Candies in Christmas Colors

This post maybe link up to Weekend Potluck, and all these fabulous parties!

Tiger Butter Homemade Almond Joys

Original article and pictures take http://www.cookingwithk.net/2010/12/christmas-white-trash.html site

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