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Vegan Apple Broccoli Salad

Vegan Apple Broccoli Salad

Vegan Apple Broccoli Salad

This salad looks delightful! I LOVE broccoli and just picked up some Gala apples so I can’t wait to whip this up!

Fantastic Sara! Have fun making it too

Tried it and both my son and I loved it. It is now a regular part of our meal plan. TY.

That is fantastic Amena! Thank you so much for letting us know.


I am not yet a vegan or vegetarian, but am trying to convince myself to start eating vegetarian full time soon. I try at least four times a week and am really enjoying it. This recipe looks really wonderful and i am dying to try it. Thanks for making something easy (for us beginners) to find something scrumptious to eat..

My pleasure and thanks for your kind words. Congratulations on making the switch. Slow but steady wins the race. Have fun!

I need to try this

I hope you get to Amy!

Vegan Apple Broccoli Salad has everyone’s favorite vegetables and fruits. You throw everything in a bowl then pour on the slightly sweet and tangy dressing. Toss and eat!

Whether there is an Apple Hill or an Apple Valley around your home – get going! You can pick your own or buy a bushel. Well, okay. The grocery store and farmer’s markets are full of apples too so it is all good.

I never met an apple I didn’t like. Especially fresh off a tree. We were lucky enough to live down the street from Apple Hill in Placerville, California. If you know the area and Snows Rd. then you know what I mean by down the street. Long, steep, narrow and windy but there we were. Close to the very end. Even though I had four apple trees in my yard I still bought a couple of bushels of two different varieties from my favorite farmer. He lived at the top of the hill and had a much smaller farm than the ones that were mapped out for the visitors. I canned like crazy back then.

This vegetable and fruit salad can be made with your favorite apple although Granny Smith is probably too tart. I used Gala but believe me there are so many great ones out there. Of course, broccoli always seems to be around but it’s true growing season is in the cooler weather.

Non-leafy salads make a great lunch and side dish. I have quite a few on this blog. That’s how much I like them. A couple of good filling salads that are a bit different are Fully Loaded Black Bean Salad and Asian Noodle and Kale Salad.

The Best Vegan Apple Broccoli Salad is a dream come true and it is right at your fingertips

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