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Zero-Calorie Strawberry Banana Slushy Recipe

Zero-Calorie Strawberry Banana Slushy Recipe

Zero-Calorie Strawberry Banana Slushy Recipe

Thanks for the great recipe..trying it with dinner tonight.

I’m with L.B, thanks for sharing! This looks absolutely delicious and I’m excited to try it! As a reminder to everyone, remember to pair these kind of treats with other sensible changes to your diet and lifestyle if you want great, lasting weight loss results. That’s the basis of any truly successful weight loss strategy. In fact, check out the following article that does a fantastic job of explaining the key factors in an effective, long-term weight loss plan: fatfreeme.net/big5

And a thank you for sharing your link too!

Sounds Great but do you have to use Diet soda?

^L.B.- Glad you enjoyed it :)

Hi I was wondering how many servings does this make?

It should make about 2-3 8-oz servings.

^Kaylin- I used Diet Soda to keep the calorie count down.

You could swap it for regular or even fruit juice, just remember to add in those calories.

I provide a Weight Watchers meal planning service and I might “borrow” this idea for a snack option – with your permission of course :). I’ll make sure and give you credit. This is 0 PointsPlus on the Weight Watchers program if you factor the items seperately (all 0 PointsPlus items) as opposed to running it through Recipe Builder as a “recipe”.

Hi Julie -of course borrow away! I have another Zero Calorie Slushy Recipe that I posted too, Orange Dream: http://www.stilettosandlegos.com/health-beauty/august-4th-2012-orange-dream-slushy-zero-calorie-recipe/



Do you have a website or business URL that promotes your WW meal planning service. I would love to know more about it.



Here’s her link Tara: http://www.shrinkingonabudget.com

While this looks very refreshing & tasty, calories are calories and adding about 250 calories with this drink WOULD make a difference if someone were counting! That being said, it looks like a yummy way to get fruit included in a kid meal!

Agreed -this is a great way to include fruit in a kid meal.

Maybe I should have explained this a little better: With my diet plan I don’t count the calories from fresh fruits and veggies. However if you do count the fresh fruits (then yes calories are calories)- even adding the 250 calories divided between however many drinks you pour from your blender still makes this a great slushy drink and pretty reasonable to work into any dieting plan. Good luck!

I made it with frozen bananas and strawberries instead of adding ice. It turned out yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

I like that idea, thank you :)

I’m thinking about tossing in some blueberries next time!

I thought I had bananas in the fridge, but, didn’t. Had to substitue w/pineapple chunks and diet gingerale. Am drinking now yummy…Thanks for the recipe

I bet it was great -I love pineapple!

I made is tonight and it was really good. Hubby didnt ink i should have added the banana with the lemon lime soda, but overall we enjoyed it.

You should try it with Cream Soda, thanks for trying it!

Yum :)

Thanks Candace

Love it, I am so glad you posted this.

Thanks Dee

Love it!

Julia I’m glad you enjoyed it, you should try it with Diet Cream Soda too!

Howdy, this is great -thank you :)

Glad you liked it, thank you Dalila.

Hilarious that you call this zero calories. Even more hilarious that you just “don’t count fresh fruit” as calories.. Injustice to uninformed fans who follow your advice- especially those hoping to lose weight.

Hi Hunter. Well as I have said throughout my site numerous times for my recipes, including this one, that I do not count fresh fruit/veggie calories in my diet plan. That’s just my diet plan, it’s how choose to eat and snack -it works for me.

>I don’t believe this post is an ‘injustice to uniformed fans’ because I clearly say in this post “I think it’s silly to count fresh fruit and veggie calories, so in my diet plan I don’t! But if you do then you would need to figure them into your count.” Right there I’m informing my fans to figure those calories in if needed.

Hunter I do hope my fans follow my advice. I live and maintain a healthy lifestyle and have my Diet Plan, I post yummy recipes, and tips on pretty much every category in life which is really what this site is about -sharing my creative finds, funs, and DIY whatever’s that makes life around my house easier.

Have a good day Hunter.

delicious! My 10yr. old who normally doesn’t like smoothies (goofy, I know) liked this too. Thanks!

Steph thank you I’m glad to hear you and your 10y/o enjoyed the slush. It’s funny sometimes what kids will and will not eat!

I found this a few weeks ago on Pinterest and just now getting around to checking it out. And I’m glad I did because it really is good fruity treat. Thank you for sharing.

*Also, I never understood why people would comment on a blog something rude -it’s one of those if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all sort of things.

Tina thank you and I’m glad to hear that you came back to the site and enjoyed the slushy :)

sounds delish but bananas are actually surprisingly high in calories… the source isn’t important once it settles on your butt… a medium banana has about 105 calories. A cup of strawberries has about 50 calories. so truth be told its about 250 calories but for a lunch replacement it sounds great!

Oh yes a great lunch substitute!

>Yes I realize that bananas and strawberries have calories and you are absolutely correct in your calculations totaling 250-calories. In my diet plan I don’t count the calories from fresh fruits/veggies.

>What I didn’t realize is that by titling this as Zero Calories that so many people would miss the part in my post about how I don’t count those calories and if you do then you would need to figure those in. So I’m going to go back right now and add the 250-calories into my post :)

Thank-you for checking out my recipe and I hope you give it whirl because it is yummy!

this sounds so delicious.. another idea is to use V8 Tropical Diet juice instead of the 7-up… gives it a very ‘tropical’ taste.. Also, I’m diabetic, so i do have to count sugar that is in fruit. But if i’m careful how much fruit I use, this is a wonderful treat for me..

Ooo V8 juice is a great idea, I bet that was yummy! Thank-you and stay healthy :)

I made a batch of these and added some Tequila -WOW GOOD!

I bet it was!

I dont get people replying with complaints about the extra calories from fruits etc.?? Everyone’s diet plans are different and some may count them as calories others dont. Why send a negitive comment just because your plan is different! Some people should just not post messages!! Thanks for this idea, this will be great in the summer!

Thank-you Darlene! And oh yes -this is a great summer time drink.

I love it is zero calories.

And it’s tasty!!!

Can’t wait to try this!! I was wondering, do you think the slushy could be frozen? I was thinking of making them in the evening, freezing, then taking to work & having for lunch. Thanks!

Oh definitely! Just make sure to not fill up your container all the way because when you freeze anything -it expands.

>You’re probably thinking ‘yeah I new that’ but I got really excited once and froze a drink and it exploded the top off of my Tupperware and made a huge mess!

Amazing blog mate!

Why thank you sir!

Saw this on pinterest! Looks deelish! But it looks funny to see this pinned with the title “zero calorie smoothie” when fruit obviously does have calories. I almost didn’t pin it for that reason. But it does look good even if it’s not calorie free. Thanks for sharing.

Well you are correct Chelsea, fruit does have calories. However in my Diet Plan -I do not count the calories from the fresh fruits/veggies. Instead I use them as my ‘Freebies’ at snack time or a breakfast/midday substitute.

This was delicious, thank you for the recipe! Also, you have the best and most polite way of responding to people when they complain about your blog posts. Kudos to you for that :)

Katie I’m really glad you enjoyed the Slushy! And thank you for the Kudos to people ;) I do try to be polite and I like to respond/comment on every post, even the negative ones.

Just made it with one banana…..very good!

Glad you enjoyed it :)

So your blog has been popping up all over pinterest as a CALORIE free slushy. STOP LYING TO THESE PEOPLE. Your recipe calls for 2 bananas which contain 210 CALORIES and one cup of strawberries which is an additional 49 CALORIES. So truely its a 259 CALORIE SLUSHY just from the fruit alone. Don’t get me wrong this is way healthier than a slushy from the store at least there is fresh fruit in it, but your still consuming high fuctose corn syrup from the soda so it’s not 100% healthy and most definately NOT a zero calorie drink.

Hi April – As I have explained in the post (and in other comments) that in my Diet Plan I do not count the calories from fresh fruits but use them as my ‘freebies’ for snacks.

Your calculations are correct about 250-calories, just like I explained in the paragraph above the directions.

But no April, there is NO high fructose corn syrup in the soda because I use Diet 7-Up – which is zero calories!

I do agree with you that this is a much healthier version from something that you would purchase from the store or restaurants!

we did this for a lunch substitute and it was really good, we don’t count calories from fruits either so perfect for us. thanks for posting.

Really happy to hear you enjoyed it, Thank-You :)

except fruit totally has calories, and sugar, and carbs.

so if you aren’t active, it just becomes fat.

diet soda is not very healthy. When its “zero” calories, its full with artificial ingredients which are not good for your body.

I’m not a big soda drinker, but I do prefer Diet over regular for my slushies to keep the calories down.

I can respect that you don’t count the calories for your personal diet plan. But regardless of where in the post you say the approximate calorie value, the title is very obviously misleading. You are toting this as a zero calorie drink. And no matter what your personal diet plan is, saying that it is zero calories when it most definitely isn’t is not being truthful. The better option would have been to simply state it is a HEALTHY slushy…be upfront about the calories, NEVER say it is zero calories, and then go on to explain that you don’t count the calories anyway. There is a big difference between not counting the calories and telling people there aren’t any calories. There are. And I feel being upfront without a misleading title would have helped your credibility with some of these readers who were clearly put off.

Mk I do not want to mislead anyone which is why I did explain myself in the paragraph about the picture/recipe, being clear about my Diet Plan and to include the amount of calories you would need to add into your daily count if you do count those calories.

I also understand that you simply just can not please everyone. Yes there are a few comments, like yours, upset about the title being a ‘zero calorie drink’ when indeed it actually has about 250-calories.

But there are also a few comments from some of my followers who, like myself, also do not count those fresh fruit calories.

And I am most happy that all the other comments (about 25) state that they have tried the slushy and enjoyed it or are planning to- not a single negative comment about the taste- so Yippe!

But, like I said in the beginning I do not want to mislead anyone, so in the sub-heading spot I added a few other name titles that I have seen floating around Pinterest. I however am not going to change the name/title of my post because to me- it is a zero-calorie drink!

Loved it! Anything with fresh fruit in it is obviously healthier than something packed with sugar and crap from the store or that you would pickup in the gas station. Thanks.

Katie B. I am glad you enjoyed it :)


I found this picture on Pinterest awhile back, searching for recipes for diet drinks with little or no calories, I found this one and have made it many times a week for lunch. It tastes great. I agree with Katie B, a much healthier choice than running to the store for a quick something packed with sugar and calories. It takes little effort to stop at the store and buy the fresh ingredients to make yourself a healthy alternative, and staying positive while trying to diet and lose weight.

I came back to check for another recipe today and saw a few negative comments on here. Seriously, STOP complaining about the title being ‘Zero Calories’. Guess what people- she can call a drink whatever she wants! Use your brains and stop complaining, she clearly says in her post (if you even took the time to read it) that she doesn’t count the calories from fruit and if you do then add them in, and even tells you how many calories to add in, she isn’t hiding the information from anyone at all, it’s right there! Obviously if you count every single calorie than you would already know from looking at the picture, because it has strawberries and bananas on it.

If you don’t like someone’s picture- don’t Pin it and if you are only going to complain- just Don’t, go take your negativeness elsewhere. By the amount of comments on this post and many others, this site has helped people find healthier snacks and substitute options, shame on you for complaining and wasting her time to ever so politely re-explain herself.

Good for Sarah and thank-you for all of your recipes, tips, hints, and responding to people’s criticisms and complaints with such class,

Julie W.

A loyal follower, this site has helped me lose 12 pounds by reading her diet plan, making a few easy changes, and trying out some recipes that I wouldn’t have thought of myself :)

Wow Julie W., congratulations on your weight loss!!!

I am currently working on a Pumpkin Slushy, should have it posted next week, I just got home from vacation and trying to catch up at home and emails and room-mom stuff, the list just goes on and on. A big thank-you for being such a great fan! And for the defense!

Thank you!!!

this was good, maybe next time i will switch the bananas for pineapple!

Thank you Ilissa!

Saw your recipe on pinterest, so I had to come take a look. And it looks great. we started making smoothies/slushies this summer, but never thought to try using softdrinks as the liquid. (segue: I’m not a fan of diet pop, in part due to the fact that artificial sweeteners can actually fool your body into anticipating real sugar (so it revs up the insulin, which then needs sugar which leads to eating more sugar to compensate). I know many people don’t have a problem with that, but I’m just throwing it out there. For me, I’ll just use the regular, when I make it this way. and just compensate as I normally would for my occasional soft-drink treat. :)) So, thanks for sharing this recipe. I look forward to trying it.

also, thank you to the many comments. I’m not a fan of bananas…never have liked them, so it’s good to know you can sub other fruits. :)

Thank you Robin- yes you can mix up the fruits with different flavors of soda. My favorite is the Cream Soda with Strawberries!

Can you use frozen fruit instead?

Definitely- if you use frozen fruit you don’t have to use ice!

I love this idea. I am going to try it with club soda and a little dash of vanilla and see if the natural sweetness of the fruit is sweet enough. If not, I’ll add a little bit of honey or maple syrup or stevia or xylitol. I try to avoid artificial sweeteners. But this looks absolutely delicious!!!

I really like the idea of using honey, let me know how it turns out :)

Tried this today and it was fantastic. Can’t wait to try some of your other recipes. I follow the weightwatchers plan and this makes a very filling snack or meal.

Thanks Lauren :)

This looks delicious. Been looking for healthy low calorie snacks to eat/drink to help me lose weight from having my second child. Can’t wait to try this. Big plus is its also something my boys, hubby included will love. Thank you for sharing. God bless! :-)

Thank you – and you can mix and match any sodas and fruits:

diet orange soda and pineapple

diet cream soda and strawberries

diet lemon lime with blueberries

The mixing and matching helps from getting ‘burnt out’ on just one flavor. Good luck with your weight loss, this really helped me after my second too :)

Why do you insist on putting soda in there?! there is so many nutritious supplements to chose from that aren’t processed. Especially diet soda, diet soda was made for one population : diabetics, so they too could enjoy a special treat like everyone else. And i meant Treat, in no way is diet soda a “healthy low calorie snack” that should be consumed every day, or even every other day. I understand you are not a nutritionist or dietician, but promoting things like this is not helping our society understand what true healthy eating is. Awareness is very important, and i think that is the problem most people (including me) with negative comments have about this post. As a health professional my self, it is very unnerving to see our hard work of promoting real healthy living put down like this. If some one says something is zero cal, ppl will jump for it, without asking them selfs if this is true or not, making our jobs as promotors a lot harder. If we can just get ppl understanding what true healthy whole foods are, the chronic diseases toll could be decreased by a lot! Saving lives and we could even see a ripple effect on our economy since the price for care of a chronic disease is enormous.

Anyways, this is food for thought (no pun intended).

Camile I use Diet Soda in this recipe because, like I’ve said and you’ve pointed out, I’m not a nutritionist or dietitian but that the diet soda is Zero Calories and for someone who is trying to lose weight – this recipe could help be the start of cutting out those extra sugars for a regular soda drinker or help someone stay under certain amount of calories per day.

You are the first Health Professional that has commented on this post and stated that there are so many nutritious supplements to choose from that aren’t processed- could you share those choices with us?

I would LOVE to learn about a healthier way to make this drink, create a recipe and then share it too with my fans :D

Thank-you for commenting and with your permission I’d like to re-post your comment with those supplement suggestions, I look forward to hearing back from you!


I just tried this and it was delicious! I substituted frozen bananas and still used ice. That made it super thick and creamy! Yummy! I will definitely make this again.

Glad you enjoyed it, thank you!

this is definitely not zero calories. each strawberry has about five cals and a banana has about 100. Not to mention a crap ton of sugar/carbs..

Kind of irresponsible to spout this stuff to people ignorant of nutritional information. It isn’t “silly” to count fruit as calories. It’s pure sugar/carbs, which is what makes people fat.

Again CC- I have explained in the post, in previous comments, and also have provided the amount of calories you need to figure into your daily count. If you look over of few of the comments you will see that quite a few people do not count those calories, just like me.

Now to be clear, I’m not “spouting” irresponsible nutritional information to anyone:

*The recipe is provided.

*The amount of calories is provided, if needed.

*The reason why I consider this recipe to be zero calories is provided, not only in the paragraph with the recipe but in a few of the previous comments as well.

Nowhere on my site do I claim to be a nutritionist or dietitian, I am a mom that occasionally shares recipes that work for me and my family. I do tend to post more ‘low/zero calorie recipes’ but that’s just what we do in my home. Instead of cutting up a plate of fruit for lunch or snack time, we drink a slushy. Not only do I enjoy them but my kids do too. And anything that works to get a fruit into their meal- I do it!


I made this just the other day and it it was great, not fan of bananas but I just left those out. Thanks for sharing your recipes and kuddos to you; always such polite responses to those who are negative. I know I couldn’t be that nice after having to repeat myself over and again, pay attention folks and play nice!

Hanna thank you and very happy to hear you enjoyed your slushy :)

A friend Pinned this and I made it for lunch, finding the strawberries was a little hard. The slushy was good and will make it again soon, thanks for sharing.

Glad you enjoyed it, it does make a good lunch substitute.

While I’m not the biggest fan of soda I did give this slushy a try because it has been all over Pinterest. It was good! I was thinking about making it up the night before then drinking this as my lunch for my new diet. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Annie! You can definitely make this the night before -make sure to freeze it- then it will thaw during your morning and be slushy for lunch time! Good luck with your diet :D

The recipe sounds delicious and i can’t wait to try it! I read some of the previous posts and could not believe some of the negativity you have received over this. Kudos to you on the way you handled each response. It must get exhausting having to repeat yourself over and over again to the negative people. Keep it up…..you are doing a wonderful job! And keep the recipes coming!!

Juli you made me smile, thank you for your kind words and enjoy the slushy :D

These are wonderful drink ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Karen you are so welcome :D

I belong to Weight Watchers and we count points and I believe you explained this serveral time that in Weight Watchers everything in this is 0 points which makes it an awesome treat. Thanks so much

Cheryl it does make a yummy guilt free treat! Hope you enjoy it :)

ww doesn’t count raw fruits as having points, but technically raw fruit points added into a recipe do count..

. So, if you religiously count pp, then this seems like it would be 5pp or so…but I guess I would also prefer calling it 0 PP since we’re all just making up the math here.

I’m so glad I saw a post on Pinterest for your slushies! I’m trying to eat more fruit, and besides making banana “ice cream” in the food processor, I wasn’t having much success. I try not to drink too many soft drinks, but I definitely feel the benefits of more fruit in my diet outweigh the few diet drinks I consume.

I just made one with diet cream soda, frozen pineapple, and frozen banana. Yummy! I also bought some raspberries to try. They have 9g of fiber/serving! Any flavor combo ideas?

Hi Shelly, Glad to hear you enjoyed the slushy :)

These are some links to other slushies I’ve made:

*Blueberry-Banana Cream

*Peaches & Cream

*Orange Dream

Another mix I’d like to try is with GingerAle. I have used apple and/or grape juice in place of soda if I wasn’t feeling ‘bubbley’ that day. And another fan said they have used V8Fruit Juice which sounds really yummy too!

This is 0 WW points totally..

But 0 Calories.. not a chance.

1 banana is 121 calories, and 1 cup strawberries 44.

do the math. Still a great low cal recipe though

Oh Anonymous I have have done the math which is shown in a few comments above and also in my post about the slushy which totals about 250 calories per blender. I am glad you enjoyed the slush, it is refreshing and healthy which is really what I was going for :)

(Also, I apologize for having your comment sitting in my ‘Pending’ folder for 4days, I usually like to approve those the day of but it’s been a little extra crazy in my house the past few days!)

I am loving this recipe! I don’t count fruits/veggies either so this works perfect for me. And BTW, i can’t believe ppl still tell you that it has calories in it when you CLEARLY state it above that you don’t count fruits and veggies! lol Can’t wait to try.

I know, some people! Thank you Melissa and Enjoy :D

SO glad I found this, Pined it, tried it, loved it! Blueberry is next!!! I too don’t see why people complain, if you don’t like soda or have a problem with the way she counts her calories for her own diet, MOVE ON and MIND YOUR BUSINESS! Anyways thanks for a great healthy drink which is perfect for Summer, maybe for girls night I’ll add a little vodka ;)

Thanks Kay and I’ve added a little vodka too!

Yum! Thank you for the recipe. Can’t believe how people complain!

Glad you enjoyed it Cathy :)

I can’t eat bananas. What could I substitute it for?

Really you could substitute any fruit- some other favorites are pineapple, blueberries, and peaches!

Thanks :)

Yikes, how many people can read? She doesn’t count those calories in fruit b/c that’s just her diet. Get over it already! Thanks for sharing your fruity summer time slush, which is still way healthier than some junky sugar filled juice box from the gas station.

Hi there, sorry for the ‘approve comment’ delay. The end of summer is getting really crazy here- cramming in vacation getaways and school prep!

You are very welcome for the recipe and thanks for playing defense for me :)

UM- sorry but bananas are very high in sugar therefore they have calories and so do strawberries- the 7up is the zero calorie here but not the rest of these!

Dee, please see above comments or also the explanation in the recipe post above. Thank-you!

I found your recipe on Pinterest and love it. This is a good idea for a healthy snack in the afternoon or even to start the day with something fruity instead of picking up some cookies or chips. I don’t really diet so could care less if it’s zero calories or not, it’s just good so thank you.

I too have a slushy in the afternoon or even as a lunch alternative, you’re welcome!

Squabbling over another person’s diet, seriously people amaze me! I personally don’t care for diet soda so I bumped it for apple juice. Thanks for the a great hot summer drink idea.

Well thank you Smiley Face, apple juice with strawberries and a peach is really good too!

Maybe you should change the name to “Zero Point Slushie” to avoid confusion. When you see the pin on Pinterest, you don’t see your explanation, causing some to think you are purposefully misleading people. In fact, the only reason I even clicked on the pin is that I knew that, by scientific standards, that slushy has calories and wanted to see your reasoning for calling it “zero calorie.” I’m not trying to be negative; just offering advice on how to free yourself from having to re-explain yourself to commenters, of which there will be more (it is on Pinterest, after all).

Hi Bon!

Thank you for the suggestion, but when I originally made this post and named it ‘April 19th 2012: Zero Calorie Slushy’ I was using an older version of software. If I were to change the name directly on the site, all of my other links would then have to be changed and if anyone else is linking to this specific page (which I have quite a few followers who’ve asked permission to link back to me), then they would no longer be able to link back here either, an error would show on both of our sites.

So under the pictures I added additional names, mostly from what I’ve seen on Pinterest which is super crazy how many rePins there are, in hopes to clear up any confusion. I have also added a new ‘Sharing Tool’ which allows you to use the ‘Zero Calorie Slushy’ title or you can edit it and simply type in whatever you’d like and Pin it to whichever of your boards you see fit.

Honestly, I think even if I were to change the title or even completely redo this post from last year, people would still complain :( I just hope that most, and most do, will read my explanation and understand my personal Diet Plan. It’s funny, actually when I started S&L it was really for my personal use to bookmark recipes and ideas and over time it grew, which is awesome. I had no idea it would ever have been this popular :D

Again thank you for commenting and make sure to come back and visit me!

So fresh and great on a day like today when it’s 96 degrees out!

You’re welcome, and yes these slushy recipes are a nice way to cool down.

Zero calories? I’ll drink 10 of them!

(2500 calories later)


Not oops, your math is correct just as I’ve explained in the post and comments.

Made this slushy last night and it was good, not a big 7Up fan so I changed it out with an orange soda, maybe next time I’ll do it with orange juice for breakfast.

Yes, OJ goes really good with this one!

I knew this wasn’t zero calories but still wanted to Pin the recipe and find out your explanation, and boy have you done some explaining! I personally don’t think it’s a big deal that you claim this drink as zero calories because from reading your story it’s your own diet, everyone has one just like the opinions in the comments section here. Anyways thanks for the recipe idea and I’ll be using this one for an after workout treat.

Thank you Tam. This is really nice to have prepared, then pop it in the freezer, take a walk, and enjoy!

Very good, thanks for posting!

You’re welcome!!!

I’ll be adding this to my summer recipes!


Seems there would be calories in this drink, I’m not sure how it has zero. 1 Medium banana has 105 calories, and generally a cup of strawberries is 50 calories or so. I don’t think the calories disappear because the fruit is pureed. I sounds amazing and I’m definitely going to try it, but I think it’s more of a low calorie, than a zero calorie slushy.

Never mind, I see that you were limited in how you could post it. no need to reply.

I’m going to be honest here…The title, “zero calorie slushy” is very misleading. Those who just glance at this recipe may actually be naive enough to believe this has very few or zero calories if they don’t bother to read closely. It’s unfair to title it that because, for someone who does not know much about nutrition, but they are trying to lose weight, they may have three or four of these drinks a day, thinking they are making a solid effort at weight loss, when in reality they are drinking over half of their daily calories in this “zero calorie” drink. Sure its healthier than a slurpee or a smoothie loaded with sugar, but for the love of God, PLEASE change the title!

Tracey thank you for your comment but if we are being honest…

First, I started this blog as my online diary of tips and tricks to share with my friends and family who were always asking me for ‘shortcuts’ or recipes. April 15th 2012 is when I started my little online project, this particular post was my THIRD entry. When I posted it, I had NO idea it would be picked-up on Pinterest and go crazy.

I do not believe that the title is misleading as I have explained in the post, in my aka sub-titles, and in others comments. Part of being a responsible adult is reading carefully. Had you taken the time to read carefully, you would have seen why I haven’t (and refuse!) to change my title, so I’ll share that with you again- Back in April 2012 I was using an older version of software, it’s now March 2014 and you know like everyone else in this world that technology updates and advances daily. If I were to change the name directly on the site, all of my other links would then have to be changed and other fans linking to this specific page (I have quite a few followers who’ve asked permission to link back to me.) They would no longer be able to link back here either, an error would show on both of our sites causing a major inconvenience for the website admins, which in this case is me!

Over these two years I have made edits to help clear up any misunderstandings and confusion but clearly as you’ve stated, people simply do not take the time to read carefully, which is a shame. Anyone who is trying to lose weight or are changing their diet plan and have questions or concerns need to consult their doctor, not a website they found via Pinterest! I am not a dieting expert but a mom who occasionally shares recipes and stories with others. I’m not making any money off of this site, for me it’s just for fun. I have gotten lots of thanks for sharing my ideas with others and will continue to share my tips, tricks, and tidbits with everyone :)

Just wanted to say your recipe broke in my nutra bullet. I have been wanting to try this to help both my husband and I lose some weight. Relax…I know it is not zero calories…I drink diet soda love fruit and ice. My husband and I just shared one…might make another one. No complaints here. Thanks for the recipes!

You are welcome Tracy!!!

Psh people, gimme a break! This woman shared a slushy recipe and you’re all bent out of shape about it, keep it moving!

Thank you smiley face! Back at ‘cha :)

Hi, love the combo! It is one of my favorite “snacks”. Just one thing… It may be zero WW Points but it isn’t zero calories… both the banana and the strawberries have calories.

This is also one of my favorite snacks. Our strawberries haven’t been very good this year so we’ve been making banana-blueberry slushes more. Thanks for following along with us :)

You can delete my last comment, and this one… I see you now that your recognize the fruit calories, you just choose to ignore them.

I am pinning and I have never met anyone who got fat eating fruit and veggies. Looks yummy. May cut it in half the first time. Mostly because I want it fresh and my family and I work different shifts

Fruits and Veggies are the way to go ; ) Thanks for commenting Carmen!!!

You should put an option to print for your recipes. I’m trying to print out a bunch of “diet” type recipes so I don’t have to come on my computer every time I want to make something and your drink recipes would be great to add to my “collection”. :)

Will do, thank you :)

I would like to print and/or copy this recipe, but I don’t see how to do this. Advise please. Thanks!

I’ll be adding a print button this evening, thank you for the suggestion!

I am not able to have the fix in soda .Does the soda go flat when this drink is blended?


There are some bubbles left after all the blending. The soda’s purpose in this recipe is for a flavored, zero calorie liquid. Another yummy way to make this would be to use soy milk, but you’d have to calculate in those calories :)

Just because you don’t count calories, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I could choose not to count calories from bacon if i wanted to, but it doesn’t mean I’m not ingesting them all the same If you have four-five servings of fruit in a day at about 100 cals a serving, that’s an extra 400-500 calories. A calorie is a calorie, no matter its source, whether you “count” it or not, and weight loss occurs when calories in are less than calories out. Those calories from fruit aren’t meaningless.

Zero-Calorie Strawberry Banana Slushy Recipe

AKA- Weight Watchers Zero PointsPlus Slushy

AKA- Strawberry Banana Slushy

AKA- Dieting My Butt Off Slushy

Strawberry Banana Slushy

Summer is coming, said in my Game of Thrones opposite voice! This means swim suits, shorts, and the need for cold refreshing drinks. This is my favorite, not only does it taste yummy- it’s ZERO CALORIES!!! (I think it’s silly to count fresh fruit and veggie calories, so in my diet plan I don’t! But if you do then you would need to figure them into your count which is about 250-calories.) Just following the steps below…

Zero Calorie Slushy

Step 1: These are the ingredients you will need.

1 Cup of ice cubes

1 Cup of chopped Strawberries

2 Bananas

1/2 Can of Diet 7-Up or whatever diet white soda you like.

(You can add Sugar Substitute if you want to sweeten it up a little!)

Step 2: Put everything into the Blender.

Step 3: Mix it up! Blend it on whatever settings you like until smooth.

Step 4: Pour into a nice glass (I like my Square Cocktail Glasses) and Serve!

For extra slushiness- place your yummy concoction in the freezer for about 10 minutes, give it a stir, then serve ’em a little more frozen- super delicious and guilt free for swimming suit season!

*To view my Diet Plan, Click Here.

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Original article and pictures take http://www.stilettosandlegos.com/food-drinks/april-19th-2012-zero-calorie-slushy/ site

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