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10 Handmade Gifts You Can Send In The Post

10 Handmade Gifts You Can Send In The Post

10 Handmade Gifts You Can Send In The Post

Those painted spoons are just fantastic, I love them and so important to find great things to go in the post without too much cost. Mich x

I love handmade gifts, I wish I could make things myself but I can only do cakes and they are difficult to post. Sometimes we forget about how difficult it is to post things, especially when they are handmade.

I love the idea of making my own canvas portrait

A few months ago we moved from one side of the country to the other, we love it here but obviously it does make it a little bit difficult for seeing our family and friends! As much as I would like to see everyone whenever I can I know that it’s just not possible so with that in mind I thought I would share some ideas for handmade gifts you can send in the post. Handmade gifts are a great way of showing that you care, whether it’s for birthdays or for Christmas and who doesn’t love receiving something cool in the post? It’s not the same as seeing someone face to face but it’s a brilliant way of showing you care and staying in touch.

Tips for sending handmade gifts

Living away from my family I’m used to sending quite a bit through the post and my sister used to work in America which meant that I’ve had to send gifts internationally before. I like to use jiffy bags or the postage plastic bags to keep costs down where possible but for things like china or glass I’d always recommend using a cardboard box and a lot of bubble wrap to make sure it’s safe. Using a delivery company like TNT also means that you can trace where your parcel is which is great for a bit of peace of mind!

Handmade Gifts you Can Send In The Post

These milk and honey soaps from Happiness is Homemade are gorgeous and you can make them in ten minutes!

Make your own canvas portrait following this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, this would be great for pictures of fun times you’ve spent with the person you’re sending the gift to!

The tutorial for these photo coasters by Du Buh Du is great and goes into loads of detail so you can make sure that you’re creating a fab gift!

These painted wooden spoons from Little Bit Funky are almost too gorgeous and would be a great gift for any foodies.

Know a scrabble addict (I do!) these DIY drinks coasters would make a great present to send.

I would love to receive these DIY gingerbread sugar scrub cubes from A Pumpkin and a Princess.

If you’d like to make a handmade gift for a baby this tag blanket is really easy to make and nice and lightweight to post too!

Create some map artwork like this to remember fun journeys you’ve taken together

Make an infinity scarf following this tutorial – perfect if you are looking for a lightweight gift to send and great to receive in the colder weather!

This tutorial for etching glass is brilliant and something I never would have thought of – just make sure you use lots of bubble wrap when you send it!

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