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With the holidays around the corner I’ve been itching to do some good DIY’s. I especially love something that can be whipped together in no time at all, and for less than $10 to boot! I especially love candles at this time of year. They make our home feels so warm and cozy, but they can cost a pretty penny, especially the decorative ones. That is where I had the idea for this cute cinnamon candle DIY. Warning: they can be a little addictive to make and you may want to make one for every room in the house. They also make perfect handmade gifts for the holidays. Check out how crazy easy they are to make below.

What You’ll Need

Pillar Candle

Cinnamon Sticks

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Jute or Twine (and scissors to cut it)



Start by removing all the cinnamon sticks from the package, this makes it easier to sort through them as you add them to your candle. I picked up my cinnamon sticks from my local Stater Brothers, in the spice section, although I have been told you can find them at Michael’s. How many cinnamon sticks you will need will depend on the dimensions of your candle. I would pick out your candle first that way you can gauge how many packets of cinnamon sticks you will need. My candle needed exactly 2 packets.

Then take your hot glue an apply a liberal amount of glue to one side of a cinnamon stick. I preferred my candle to have a more rustic style so I glued the smooth side of the stick to the candle.

Continue this all the way around the candle until it is covered. It doesn’t matter if the cinnamon sticks vary in length, this just adds to the charm.

Last step. Take your jute or twine, or you can substitute this for a festive ribbon, and tie it around the candle.

And that is it! Really! All that’s left is to display your new holiday candle somewhere around your home. You can also make a whole bunch of these and give them away as gifts – perfect for this time of year

Original article and pictures take http://lifeasmama.com/easy-diy-cinnamon-candle/ site

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