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Garden Vegetable Breakfast Cups

Garden Vegetable Breakfast Cups

Garden Vegetable Breakfast Cups

These Garden Vegetable Breakfast Cups are packed full of delicious, good for you, veggies! The kids gobble them up without even realizing all the good vegetables inside.

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Hidden Veggies for Breakfast in a Delicious Little Cup!

Do you ever get tired of eating the same old thing for breakfast? I do! In my house it’s oatmeal or cereal during the week. On the weekends we splurge and Hubs will make pancakes one day and I’ll make eggs with biscuits the other. Every once in a while I venture out and make one of my signature breakfast recipes like the Stuffed Breakfast Peppers or my Breakfast Boats…but we typically stick with the 5-6 item rotation. So I decided to switch things up this weekend and try out this Garden Vegetable Breakfast Cups recipe….and it was a HIT!

Anytime I can hide veggies in a meal that’s a total mom win for me! And these veggie cups hide a LOT of veggies….including kale!!! Yep, I got my kids to eat kale without a single complaint….I’m totally rocking the Super Mom vibe right now!

Now, before you make these you’ll want to invest in some silicone baking cups…trust me! Every time I cook eggs in the muffin tin they stick…seriously, it doesn’t matter how much non-stick cooking spray I use…they always stick. But with silicone baking cups they pop right out! I love these silicone baking cups because you get some super cute star shaped ones that are fun for the kids….and they’re super cheap too!

Okay, ready for this yummy recipe?!

Garden Vegetable Breakfast Cups Recipe

The great thing about these breakfast cups is that you can mix it up with whatever ingredients you prefer! What ingredients have you tried? Share in the comments below!

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