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Holly Mickey~

Holly Mickey~

Holly Mickey~

OH MY GOSH!! Kim these might be my favorite cookies from you ever. What a great idea and all of the designs are so cute!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Aww gosh Christine, thank you!

These are just so great. Can you tell me where I can get the cookie cutter, bow mold etc. I have no molds for holly, antlers etc. I would love to make these this Christmas. I just love them.

Thank you! I just added links for the supplies I used, unfortunately the exact bow mold is no longer available.

I don't see the link for the supplies

The links are at the bottom of the post, after The Partiologist icon.

I must be blind but I do not see a link under your Partiologist Icon.. :( Can you help me please Thank you Faye

First, make sure you refresh your page. If you look at the bottom of the blog post, before the comments, you will see boxes with photos of the products I used. Click on the photo and it will take you to the product on Amazon.

I've refreshed the page a few times, but I don't see any boxes below the Partiologist icon. There is a list of related posts but no list of products...

I have removed and then added the links again, hopefully they will show up for you. I don't know why they are not working for some! So sorry!

Try turning off any ad blocker software. Once I turned it off and refreshed the page, they popped right up.

These cookies are adorable, thanks for sharing!

What a wonderful assortment of Disney Christmas cookies. Your family is going to love them:) I am curious, how did you make the antlers? They are so perfect.

Thank you Beth! I used the above Wilton mold for the antlers, just cut them to fit! :)

That is so freaking clever of you to use a coral impression mat at antlers. You are a genius!!!

oh m goodness these are fantastic! somebody write to the Walt family and sign you up for their bakery! you outscore any of the mickey treats i've seen at the park! :>O

LOL, sign me up for the bakery, I don't think I could work fast enough! :)

I think these are your best cookies ever! Simply precious!!!

I just might have to agree with you! Thanks!

What about the perfect snowflake mold...Am I missing that or are you just a perfect piper??!! These are just stunning!! Great concept and execution!

Thank you Wendy, I just added a link for the snowflake cutter.

Love these!

Thank you Anne!

These cookies are just amazing. Omg if I made these I wouldn't want to eat them up, I would want to keep them for ever. Well done, your so clever.

Do you use sugar paste for the moulds?

Thank you Margaret! I use fondant for the molds.

Wow! These are adorable! I am so making them this year for my niece and nephew. Thanks for posting and including the links for supplies. Kathy

You're very welcome. I'm sure your niece and nephew will love them!

So very talented!

Thank you so much!

I must be losing it because I still don't see the link.

I read in the comments above where you stated \"The links are at the bottom of the post, after The Partiologist icon\" but I don't see it.

It's got to be my age and the brain ins't as quick as it used to be. LOL

No worries, you're not losing it! LOL They are all Amazon links, at the bottom of the blog post.

I don't see them either. All I see are links to some of your other blogs. So, does amazon have the cookie cutters? I could just search on there.

But could you also please share your cookie recipe?

These are beautiful!

Also, the links are above the other blog post links. I have not shared my cookie recipe, but recommend the No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe.

This is the most creative Mickey set EVER! I am in love with every cookie!!

Gosh, you're so sweet, thank you! :)

Thank you so much Lisa!

How do you make the glaze frosting?

I'm sorry, I have not shared my recipe, however It's royal icing and several recipes are available online. Here are a couple of links:



Thanks for your reply. I've taken the Wilton classes and have used royal icing before but to make it so spreadable, do you just add a little water to the frosting? I've purchased all of the molds and am just waiting for the holly punch and then I'm going to try these. They are so cute!!

Yes, thin the royal icing with water, very small amounts at a time. Good luck!

These are adorable! Any chance you would be interested in making them to sell? I would LOVE to order some!!!

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I do not sell these cookies. :(

Greetings from Australia. Love your cookies.

Is the black/red/white base done with flooded royal icing or do you use punched fondant?

Think your designs are just magical. Thank you for sharing

Thank you and welcome to my blog Lizzie! The red, black and white are all a base of royal icing and the accent pieces are fondant.

These are amazing! Can you share how you get your black icing so black??

Thank you Maria! I only colored a small amount of icing and I just added black food coloring until it was very black.

Is there a tutorial ?

I am sorry to say, I did not make a tutorial.

Could you share your recipes for the sugar cookies, icing and fondant?

These are super cute..can't wait to make them.

Here is a link to a couple of my favorite recipes for cookies and frosting.


The fondant is Wilton Brand.

How do you get the base layer of royal icing so perfect to the edges? is there a trick?

I think the reason the icing is smooth and to the edge is because of the consistency. I do not have an exact recipe, but after practicing hundreds of times, I have figured out how to get it not too thick or too thin that it will run off the sides. Lots of you tube videos out there that might help. Good luck! :)

I am sorry, but I am with some of the others. I don't see any links under your icon either and I have refreshed several times.

I just removed all the links and added them in again, hope they will show up. I'm not sure why some can not see the links!! So sorry!

would like the cookie recipe

I have a couple cookie and frosting recipes on the Buttercream Thanksgiving post.


I want to buy these.... Please make them for me.....

I am so sorry, I do not ship any of my cookies.

They would have be some of the cutest cookies I've ever seen ��. I haven't decorated many cookies I would love a step by step tutorial . Thanks


Thank you for the sweet comment, unfortunately I did not take any step by step photos while making the cookies.

Where can we place an order? I appreciate the frosting recipe and am fully confident making these would be a huge fail! lol

I am so sorry, I do not ship any of my cookies. :(

Can you tell me what tip you used for the wreath?

Yes, it is the Wilton Leaf Tip #352

You have an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing pics. They are beautiful

Thank you so much for the sweet comment!

There is no link for the products, but there is for the recipe.

Any chance you can just link where you got the cokie cutter? My soon-to-be 17 yr old apparently NEEDS a Mickey cookie cutter :)

Someone suggested this as to why you are not able to view the links:

Try turning off any ad blocker software. Once I turned it off and refreshed the page, they popped right up.

If that does not work, go into amazon and search for mickey mouse cookie cutter. Hope this helps!

Yup, I did and that worked just fine!

These look great - i only hope we can do half a good a job at them!

My nieces and nephews are going to love these cookies when I make them. Thank you for sharing!

You're very welcome!

These are beautiful! I looked up the recipe and found the Thanksgiving cookies. I'd love to make them but I have a daughter who is allergic to nuts. I see that the recipe calls for Almond extract. Is there a substitute that you would suggest, another flavor or using imitation extract?

Thank you Stacie! I would omit the almond and add a little extra vanilla extract.

Is there a Mickey Mouse cookie cutters?

Yes, the cutter I used is by Wilton and comes in a set of two.

Kim!! These are just beautiful!! xx

Thank you so much Rose!

Kim, can you provide instructions for making the mickey mouse cookies??? They're simply perfect! Thanks!!! Ruth

Thank you Ruth, unfortunately I did not take any step by step photos. Who knew they would be so popular?? :)

Can you tell me how you achieved that brown color? Brown is the only color I don't have any luck with lol

I used a small amount of AmeriColor warm brown. Good luck!! :)

I just wanted to say your cookies are sooooo cute! Merry Christmas ��

Thank you Sue, Merry Christmas to you too! :)

On my bucket list in life is to learn to decorate cookies like this... i love these so much!

You're so sweet, I know you'll be decorating soon!

Love it!!!!! How do you make the bows??????

Thank you Marisela, I made the bows with a mold I ordered from Amazon. I'll try and find another link, the original Amazon link is sold out.

Very Creative. its on my list to make!

Thank you Haik! :)

Love these cookies Kim!!! I'm going to try something similar, thanks for the amazing ideas!! :)

Thank you so much Katie!

Kim What tip did you use for the white butter cream frosting for the Holly Mickey, Wreath Mickey and Santa Mickey?

I used a #16 star tip.

This is how it all started, making cookies as take home treats for any party I hosted.

Now I can't host anything without having a themed cookie along with several other take home sweets. Of all the Disney desserts I made for my sister and her family's Very Merry Christmas Party, these were my favorite and I couldn't wait to share.

Disney Themed Christmas Cookies!

My sister and her family were heading to Disney World for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

I headed to the kitchen to make the sweets.

Snowflake Mickey~

Holly Mickey~ Peppermint Minnie~ Wreath Minnie~ Rudolf Mickey~ Santa Mickey~ Minnie Mouse~ Gingerbread Mickey~ The Very Merry Mouse Collection!

I am so sorry, I do not sell or ship any of the Mickey themed Christmas cookies.

I've added links below for the products used to make the cookies below.

I used royal icing as the base and buttercream frosting for the accents.

After the Disney themed Christmas sugar cookies were finished, more ideas came to mind. I'll give you a hint...I took several of my favorite Christmas sweets and turned them into Mickey Treats!

Original article and pictures take http://www.thepartiologist.com/2015/11/disney-themed-christmas-cookies.html site

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