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Holiday Decor that Lasts from Thanksgiving to Christmas

Holiday Decor that Lasts from Thanksgiving to Christmas

Holiday Decor that Lasts from Thanksgiving to Christmas


Cover Lightbulbs with Rope

Don't throw away your old, burnt-out lightbulbs! Instead, put them to better use throughout the entire holiday season by employing this clever trick. Use glue to add coiled rope or twine to the bottom of a lightbulb. Continue wrapping until the entire bulb is covered and no glass is showing. Finish by gluing on a real piece of twig at the top to act as a stem. Style a bunch in a bowl or as a tabletop centerpiece.

Editor's Note: Don't use fluorescent lightbulbs as these contain mercury and could be dangerous if they broke

(image credit: Sweet Society)

Handpicked Thanksgiving Crafts

Wrap Wood Veneer as Napkin Rings

Make the spirit of the holiday season last from that special family dinner in November all the way through December 25 with DIY wooden napkin rings. Create the rings by snipping pieces of adhesive wood veneer to size -- one 6-1/2 inches long and another 8-1/2 inches. Lay the pieces' adhesive sides toward each other and iron into place (avoid the exposed edge on the 8-1/2-inch piece). Curl the exposed edge of the longer piece of veneer to meet the opposite end and gently hold it against the iron; this will create what looks like an uppercase \"D\" shape, which prevents the ring from rolling away. Let cool, lightly sand any raw edges, and wrap around a cotton napkin.

(image credit: Jenny Batt)

Custom Decor Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Inspiration

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