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Hot Sun CVC Phonics Game Freebie

Hot Sun CVC Phonics Game Freebie

Hot Sun CVC Phonics Game Freebie

I love using phonics games to help kids develop their knowledge of basic letter patterns. That's why I have created lots and lots of phonics board games that do just that! I have several sets of phonics games for CVC words, silent e words, r controlled vowels and vowel digraphs.

I also have freebies that I have created for kids to play and consolidate these skills.

Three of these are brand new games that I call Word Maker Games. These games require students to join word beginning and endings to make sensible words. The links to some new games and some old favorites are listed below.

Hot Sun CVC Phonics Game Freebie Silent e Phonics Game Freebie

Phonics Game R Contolled Vowels Freebie ar er ir or ur

Short a CVC Board Game Short Vowel CVC Word Change Board Game Silent e Word Change Board Game

Hope you like the games! If you want more there are several collections of similar games that you can get from TpT.

The TpT Back-To-School Sale is now on so it is a great time to stock up on games for phonics and games for math.


Original article and pictures take http://fungames4learning.blogspot.com/2013/08/phonics-games-freebies.html site

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