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How to Make Mix & Match Frozen Yogurt Bark

How to Make Mix & Match Frozen Yogurt Bark

How to Make Mix & Match Frozen Yogurt Bark

These creamy treats made with Yoplait Greek 100 and a myriad of tasty mix-ins are delicious, nutritious and so easy to make!

Meet our latest snacking obsession: Mix-and-match frozen yogurt barks. Fun and easy to make, these frosty treats are a perfect snack, grab-and-go breakfast or even dessert. And best of all, they’re totally customizable!

What You’ll Need

Rimmed cookie sheet

Parchment paper


1 cup of mix-ins—try any combination of your favorite fresh, dried and canned fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, cacao nibs, cookies, etc.

Room in your freezer

Plastic wrap

Step 1:

Line your cookie sheet with parchment paper and assemble your ingredients.

Step 2:

Open your containers of yogurt, then using your spatula, spread on parchment paper to a 1/4- to ½-inch thickness. (Here we’re using Blueberry Yoplait Greek 100.)

Step 3:

Top with your desired mix-ins. We used dehydrated strawberries and Cascadian Farm Organic Ancient Grains Granola, but the sky’s the limit!

Step 4:

When you’ve finished topping your bark, cover it with plastic wrap and pop in the freezer for an hour or two, until firmly set. Break apart and enjoy immediately!

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