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Jelly Bean Butterfly Treat Bags

Jelly Bean Butterfly Treat Bags

Jelly Bean Butterfly Treat Bags

I just love, love, love how these jelly bean butterfly treat bags turned out! So Springy! We are having a play date tonight and I am going to bring them to the little girls :) You could also hand them out in the classroom or to the kids teachers!

Supplies Needed:

Elmers Glue

Clothes Pins



Googly Eyes


Pipe Cleaners

Jelly Beans

Snack Size Bags

Start by painting the clothes pins. While they are drying, fill the bags with jelly beans and separate in half. Twist a pipe cleaner around each bag. Glue googly eyes to the clothes pins and attach over the top of the pipe cleaner. Bend the pipe cleaner to make an antenna and you are done!

These would be really cute with pastel m&m’s, and Michaels had a big bag of pastel pipe cleaners.

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