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plastic easter egg ideas

plastic easter egg ideas

plastic easter egg ideas

plastic easter egg ideas

Easter is coming up and that means there will be plastic eggs EVERYWHERE! Instead of just tossing them after the egg hunt, you can make a ton of creative crafts and fun ideas! Just click on the links below the pictures to get directions and step by step tutorials.

things to make from plastic eggs

Easter Egg Bunny Craft– Add some pipe cleaners to make a cute bunny!

Plastic Egg Hot Air Balloon– Too cool! Who knew you could make a hot air balloon with them?

Easter Egg Popsicles– Create a fun treat for your kids by freezing juice in the eggs!

Easter Egg Lightning Bugs– My favorite! Kids will love playing with them in the dark.

plastic easter egg ideas

Jell-O Easter Egg Molds– Make beautiful rainbow jello snacks for your kids!

Easter Egg Garland– Buy or create fun plastic eggs and string them up for decoration.

Plastic Egg Carrots– Simple little craft the kids can make.

Plastic Egg Bees– Aww! How cute is this bee? I think yellow eggs would look great and draw stripes with black sharpie.

plastic easter egg crafts

Plastic Egg Teacups– Clever idea for your little girls to have a tea party with!

Easter Egg Maracas– Not only just for cinco de mayo, kids can play with these to make music.

Surprise Rice Krispie Egg Treats– Easy way to make egg molds and fill with candy.

Plastic Egg Owls– Glue on scrapbook paper pieces to make cute little owl crafts.

fun easter egg ideas

Plastic Easter Egg Cupcakes– Make some fake cupcakes for pretend play in the kitchen!

Minion Plastic Eggs– What child doesn’t love Despicable Me?

Easter Egg Wreath– This is a pretty decoration you can hang on your door for Easter.

Plastic Egg Caterpillars– These are genius and make great toys for the kids!

plastic egg crafts

Plastic Egg Centerpiece Bouquet– If you’re having an Easter or spring get together, whip up this adorable centerpiece for the table!

Easter Egg Lunch Container– Change up lunch or snack time by putting goodies in the plastic eggs.

Plastic Egg Grass Planters– These eggs make great planter cups for growing grass!

Plastic Egg Flowers– Make pretty flowers and they made it into an educational game.

Plastic Egg Frogs – Save the green easter eggs for these little guys!

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