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Twice Baked Butternut Squash

Twice Baked Butternut Squash

Twice Baked Butternut Squash

My favorite recipe of the day, absolutely love this!

And you just made my day Matt! Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

Danae, this is one of the best ideas! I make butternut squash all the time, but have never thought to twice bake it. Pinned!

This looks fantastic! I’m definitely making for a party this weekend!

Hi Danae! This twice-baked butternut squash looks amazing!

I’d love to include your recipe in a butternut squash round up I’m doing for Parade Magazine this month.

If you’re fine with it, I’d love to use one of your photos with a link back to your original post (http://reciperunner.com/baked-butternut-squash/).

Let me know your thoughts, and thanks so much!


Hi Felicia! As long as there is a link back to the original post I’m fine with it. Thanks for asking!

I was really excited about this recipe, and unfortunately, I was equally as disappointed with the actual results. After 35 minutes in the oven at 450, covered with foil as recommended, the squash halves were still basically raw. I popped them all back in for another 15 to 20 minutes, and the smallest of the halves was still very difficult to scoop out with a metal spoon. I took the foil off and switched my oven to convention, afraid of turning the heat up, and this still didn’t cook the squash enough to scoop out the contents, especially in a way that left the outer shell intact… After much frustration and the careful use of a knife, I ended up throwing all of the edible contents into a bowl with the other ingredients and blending everything together with a hand mixer. I scooped the mixture into a Pyrex dish, sprinkled the Panko on top, and let it all brown for about 10 minutes. My sweet family liked the flavor, but we all agreed that the texture was a little unpleasant given that some larger chunks of squash were still under-cooked. All in all, I give you props for such a lovely presentation… But for anyone who realistically wants to duplicate it, cook the squash for AT LEAST an hour… or prepare to have your expectations squashed.

Hi Ashley. I’m sorry you had so much trouble with the squash. The size of the squash you use can greatly vary the cooking time, I’ll be sure to go back and add a note to the recipe so that others are aware. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

So so good!! I’ve made it so many times and I love it more every time!

Glad to hear you like the recipe Mary! I love making it this time of year.

Well the arctic blast has moved in to Colorado and I’ve been freezing my buns off all week. Our heater has been working overtime, the fireplace is on most of the day, and thanks to roasting this Twice Baked Butternut Squash the oven has been heating the house as well!

The temperatures took a major nose dive on Monday. It started with a huge windstorm that eventually turned into snow later in the day. The nights have been getting bitterly cold, Wednesday night it was -6 degrees! I’ve been running on my treadmill the past few morning instead of outside because of all the ice and while I’m so grateful I have a treadmill it is so BORING! I can handle 5-6 miles on my treadmill as long as I have some cooking shows or movies recorded, but it starts to get ridiculous and mind numbing when I’m running 11-12 miles on it. I won’t complain too much though because it sure beats running in negative degree temperatures and risking falling on my face in the ice.

So, like I was saying above, on top of the heat and fireplace keeping the house warm, I’ve also had the oven on quite a bit. When you’re stuck inside it turns into an ideal time to bake, roast, and test out all the delicious Thanksgiving side dishes and desserts. Today I’m sharing this great recipe for Twice Baked Butternut Squash. Of course there are always mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes on the Thanksgiving table, but I adore butternut squash and wanted it to have a place on the table as well. I’m sure most of you have roasted or baked butternut squash before and are well aware of how delicious it tastes this way, but have you have ever baked it twice?

Twice Baked Butternut Squash is the same concept as twice baked potatoes. You roast the squash, scoop out the filling, mash it up and add a bunch of good stuff to it, then put it back in it’s shell and bake it again. Sure it’s a little more work, but it tastes amazing and the presentation is lovely! Let’s talk about what I mixed into the filling.

To the mashed up squash I added goat cheese, Greek yogurt, sage, salt, and pepper. The tang of the goat cheese and Greek yogurt, mixed with the sweetness of the squash and the classic Thanksgiving flavor of sage, was a perfect combination. The flavors were both familiar thanks to the sage and unexpected with the addition of the goat cheese. Once the filling was all combined, I put it back into the shell of the butternut squash and topped them with panko breadcrumbs and a drizzle of olive oil for a nice crunchy topping. If you are looking for a new addition to add to your Thanksgiving table this year, and one that isn’t the traditional side dish, give this Twice Baked Butternut Squash a try!

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