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How to Cut an Orange 3 Creative Ways (VIDEO)

How to Cut an Orange 3 Creative Ways (VIDEO)

How to Cut an Orange 3 Creative Ways (VIDEO)

Funny, I was making ur soup today, saw my 2 bags of oranges and was thinking man I wish she had a recipe for those, then I remember orange juice is too easy for a recipe hehe. And here we are with a video. Lol, thanks it was perfect timing ! I notice sofia loves when I cut fruit for her

Ha ha that is awesome!! I love when perfect timing happens

How neat. Oranges are one of my favorite fruits. So happy they’re in season now here in Florida.

I really love the way you guys make your videos! Reply

Thank you Jenny for that sweet compliment! It really means alot to us

What brand knife you use on your kitchen? Would you recommend something?

that I currently use. My Mom has the Zwilling knives and since we live with my parents temporarilly, I often reach for her set so sometimes you’ll see those in my photos lately


Watch this video on how to cut an orange in 3 creative ways. Oranges are fairly inexpensive and they hold up really well when sliced. These methods are quick and perfect for decorating cakes with oranges, tossing into salads and creating beautiful fruit platters for parties. These simple and easy ways to cut oranges may surprise you!

Watch How to Cut an Orange:

Love oranges? Click here to explore all of our yummy orange recipes.


How to Cut an Orange (3 Creative Ways)

Do you have any creative fruit peeling or cutting ideas? I’d love to hear about them in a comment below!

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