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United States State Abbreviations Crossword Puzzle Printable

United States State Abbreviations Crossword Puzzle Printable

United States State Abbreviations Crossword Puzzle Printable

If you’ve been working on learning state abbreviations, today’s printable offers a chance to try out a your state abbreviations knowledge with a state abbreviations crossword puzzle. If you’re like me, you might even want the challenge of trying this too. That’s cool if you roll like that. I’m kind of nerdy too. If it was me, I might even try to time myself. But, that’s me.

This printable is not the prettiest printable ever, but that’s because I managed to get the whole puzzle plus all 50 clues onto one page to save you with printing, as well as to make it easier for kids to not have a puzzle on one page and clues on a second page. Score!

This printable is two pages, as it includes both the puzzle and clues page as well as a solutions page.

Note: This download is free for personal or classroom use, but the copyright credit line must be included (which just means to make sure that you don’t accidentally crop off the line with the copyright/website information at the bottom of the printable when you are reproducing it to hand out or at least try not to, but it’s really close to the bottom, so it might get cut off and that’s okay). It cannot be sold, published, or hosted on other websites. If you want to pass along the printable though, please feel free to share a link to this post (not directly to the printable) with others. Thanks! (Full terms of use)

Troubleshooting: If the puzzle doesn’t show up on your PDF file when you open it, try to save it to your computer and open it from there or try a different web browser, as some web browsers have their own native PDF readers that can cause issues. It’s best to open this with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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